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Why Iowa

Computer Science Major Through Kirkwood Community College

Iowa's undergraduate program in computer science will teach you the skills required for continued success in a rapidly changing field. Our graduates work primarily in two market sectors. One is in software development and design, systems analysis, and similar positions in the software and computer industries. Also, a growing number of our graduates work for organizations whose primary business is not computing, such as banks, legal firms, or health care organizations, for their understanding of the principles and techniques of computing.

Studying Computer Science at Iowa

Student responsibilities

Review the responsibilities required to become and remain eligible for the 2 Plus 2 Guaranteed Graduation Plan.

Student Responsibilities

Kirkwood Community College checkpoints

  • Complete the fourth level of a single world language as needed for Iowa's General Education Program.
  • Complete the following courses:
    • CSC 142 Computer Science
    • CSC 153 Data Structures
    • MAT 150 Discrete Mathematics
    • MAT 210 Calculus I
    • MAT 216 Calculus II
  • Complete all requirements for the AA degree.
  • When transferring to Iowa, present a cumulative transfer grade-point average (GPA) of at least 2.00 from all colleges attended.

The following required courses can be taken at Kirkwood Community College or at The University of Iowa:

  • CSC 160 Software Design and Development; 22C:22 Object-Oriented Software Development at Iowa
  • CSC 175 Computer Organization and Assembly Language; 22C:60 Computer Organization OR 55:35 Computer Architecture and Organization at Iowa

University of Iowa checkpoints

  • Complete the UI courses required for this major, as specified in the UI General Catalog.
  • Complete at least half of the remaining semester hours needed for your major and degree during each of your two years at Iowa. (A total of 41 semester hours is required for the Computer Science major and 120 semester hours for the BA degree.)

A current schedule of UI courses is available online via Iowa Student Information Services (ISIS).

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