The University of IowaAnnual Report 2008-09


UI President Sally MasonSince June 2008, The University of Iowa has conferred more than 5,000 degrees, given the world new treatments for disease and new prize-winning literature, logged record grant and gift totals, and developed innovative solutions for leaner, greener times.

These and other achievements offer a striking record for any year. But they’re even more remarkable given that the past year saw The University of Iowa confront one of the greatest challenges in its history—the flood of 2008.

This annual report documents recovery and renewal since the flood, an event that showed the world what Iowa—our university and our state—is all about. The collaboration, dedication, and creativity that inspired us last summer continue to drive us today.

Shared values keep us focused on our missions. Indeed, the range of discoveries, innovations, and honors reported here are part of our flood-recovery story. Even people and programs who lost facilities, work, or time to the waters never lost sight of their goals or their common purpose.

This report recounts unforeseen opportunities that emerged in the flood’s wake—reimagined programs, enhanced infrastructure, new paths for research, the chance to assist others in need. Students, faculty, staff, and friends tell their own stories, accounts that illuminate, inspire, and illustrate our community’s resolve.

I hope you enjoy hearing the stories that mark this chapter in UI history. One year after the flood, we take stock of just how far we’ve come. But more important, we look forward to what’s next.

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Sally Mason, President, The University of Iowa