The University of IowaAnnual Report 2008-09


Softball squad makes spring splash

Gayle Blevins, Head coach, UI saftball

[over the public address system]

…#7, Brittany Weil! The head coach for the Iowa Hawkeyes is Gayle Blevins, assisted by Diane Stevenson and Shane Bouman…


When I was finally able to get close enough, which was probably a good four to five days into the actual flooding, to be able to see, I was standing at the edge of Carver-Hawkeye, and all I could see was probably 2 inches of the top of our fence. The entire bottom of the facility and the dugouts were gone, and the water was up into the seats in the grandstand area. The entire area was a lake.

I thought our team did a great job in the fall working through what we all had to deal with. We kind of described ourselves as vagabonds; we had to travel everywhere to find a place to practice. We had to practice on the recreation sport fields, we went out to City West High School, we did some things at our complex in a very small space. We did the very best we could for the longest time and it wasn’t until the first part of October that we actually had the field back, and then we were able to have the tournament that we had scheduled, just minus having any access to the building itself.

I’m happy we had the tournament in the fall, because I think it kind of gave a sense of urgency to recovery efforts and helped push that complex along. I’m just real impressed with all the work that went on. It wasn’t just our field; it was also recovering those other three fields out there too, putting those in some semblance of order, too. The teams that came in—Nebraska, Western Illinois, and Kansas, those three teams that came in—they were just amazed when I explained to them what the damage was, that the facility looked as good as it did.

A big thing that we talked a lot about with the team is if we just keep working hard, we’re going to develop just like our facility is going to develop. If we keep working hard, this facility is going to come around because there are a lot of people dedicated to it. It’s the same mentality we need to have as a team. If anything, it’s probably helped us in some respects.