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Remarkable medicine

Medical school at The University of Iowa is about science and art—the latest discoveries coupled with timeless skills. This balance has earned Iowa’s Carver College of Medicine a national reputation.

A decade ago, the College revamped its curriculum to stress problem solving, decision making, and communication alongside scientific and technical know-how. In 2002, it dedicated a new home for education designed around the College’s innovative learning communities concept, which emphasizes student support and mentoring.

When it comes to teaching medicine, Iowa has always broken new ground. It was the nation’s first coeducational medical school (58.5 percent of this year’s entering class are women) and led the way in using “patient-actors” to teach clinical skills. It’s also developed new ways to foreground the physician-patient relationship.

Iowa was one of the nation’s first medical schools to develop a White Coat Ceremony, an annual event for beginning medical students that establishes their unique responsibilities as doctors-in-training. The Carver College of Medicine also has created awards that honor students and faculty who demonstrate compassionate care.

Good medicine means caring for people of all backgrounds, so Iowa stresses cultural competency, engagement, and diversity. Throughout the curriculum, students learn real-world medicine in community settings.

Service pervades extracurricular activities, too. Medical students staff a traveling clinic and forge ties with local organizations to tackle problems like homelessness and domestic violence.

In class and beyond, Iowa medical students hone both the skills and the ethic that will serve them and their patients for years to come.

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