University Brand Manual: Guidelines for Marketing and Communication

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Mac instructions for using PowerPoint™ templates

1. Choose one of the PowerPoint™ template designs.

2. To download the file, hold down the "Option" key as you click on the design of your choice. Note the name of the file as you download.

3. Find the file on your hard drive and move it to your Microsoft Word template folder. The folder is located here:

Applications>Microsoft Office>Templates>My Templates.

Note: All the templates have a filename extention of ".pot". If you have difficulty finding the file on your computer, do a search for .pot.

4. Open PowerPoint™.

5. On the File menu, click Project Gallery.

6. Click the My Templates category.

7. Choose the template you’ve downloaded.

8. Do a "save as" to save the file under a new name.

9. Under Insert, select “New Slide.” Select the type of slide you’d like (bullet list, title slide, etc.).

10. Repeat Step 9 for each new slide.

11. Save your changes.