University Brand Manual: Guidelines for Marketing and Communication

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Instructions for using PowerPointâ„¢ templates on a PC

1. Choose one of the PowerPoint™ template designs.

2. To download the file, hold down the "Alt" key as you click on the design of your choice.

3. Open the downloaded file in PowerPoint™. Under File, choose "Save As." At the bottom of the "Save As" panel, there is a dropdown menu where you can select your file format:

img src="../images/screen-save.gif" width="380" height="248">

4. Save your file as a Design Template. This choice should automatically switch the file storage destination folder to your Templates folder. If not, navigate to that folder.

On most computers, the Templates folder is located in one of these locations:

C:\Program files\Microsoft Office\Templates

C:\Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

The template should have a filename extention of ".pot".

5. On the File menu, choose "New."

6. On the Format menu, select "Slide Design" and choose the template you have downloaded.

7. Under Insert, select “New Slide.” Select the type of slide you’d like (bullet list, title slide, etc.).

8. Repeat Step 7 for each new slide.

9. Save your changes.