University Brand Manual: Guidelines for Marketing and Communication

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The University of Iowa’s school colors are black and gold. Below are yellow and black colors that will appear accurately on any type of paper or online.

Official colors

For silkscreen and other print media, take care to find the closest match to these Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors:

  • Black
  • Uncoated papers: PMS Yellow 115 or 108
  • Coated and matte coated papers: PMS Yellow 116 or 109
  • Four-color process (coated): C=0, M=9, Y=80, K=0
  • Trumatch: 11b
  • Web (hex): Yellow—FF E1 00; Black—00 00 00
  • RGB: Yellow—R=255, G=225, B=0; Black—R=0, G=0, B=0

Complementary colors

The following colors coordinate well with the PMS yellows listed above. These additional colors offer an optional but helpful palette for design:

  • PMS 873 metallic gold
  • PMS 124 deep yellow
  • PMS 3282 teal
  • PMS 1665 orange
  • PMS 669 purple
  • PMS 1815 maroon
  • PMS 160 brown
  • PMS 293 blue
  • PMS 661 navy blue
  • PMS 7496 olive green
  • PMS 362 bright green