University Brand Manual: Guidelines for Marketing and Communication

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Licensing program

The university’s logo and wordmark are registered trademarks. The Iowa Licensing Program manages their use to protect the university’s legal interests.

All merchandise bearing University of Iowa marks—its logo and wordmark, the Tiger Hawk, Herky, etc.—must be licensed with the Iowa Licensing Program. The program approves design of all products intended for the retail marketplace, ensuring that they represent the university’s image and the image of its athletic and other programs. No retail outlets and vendors are exempt, including campus stores and student groups.

If your unit has contracted commercial products that carry the university’s logo and wordmark, your vendor must be approved by the Iowa Licensing Program. The program currently licenses several hundred companies.

For more information about licensing, contact the Iowa Licensing Program at 319-384-2000 or

Hawkeye brand

For information specific to the Hawkeye brand, see Iowa Hawkeyes Brand Standards.