University Brand Manual: Guidelines for Marketing and Communication

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Web graphics: White on black

Graphics for web use are available in black and white in various sizes and styles. A set of white logos is presented below. See also Black logos on white background.

Downloads are limited to campus computers. Non-campus users can request files by contacting Lin Larson at 319-384-0042 or Outside companies or individuals wishing to use a university logo or wordmark for commercial products must contact the Iowa Licensing Program at 319-384-2000.

To download an image, hold your mouse over the desired image and "control-click" or "right-click" to bring up a menu of options. Then choose "download link to disk" or "save target as." This will download the file to your computer.

If you would like to adapt a graphic for use on a custom web page background, here is a link to a detailed how-to guide for that process.


Logo and wordmark on single line - large

Logo and wordmark on 1 line - Small


UI wordmark - Large

UI wordmark - Medium

UI wordmark - Small


Logo and wordmark on 2 lines - large

Logo and wordmark on 2 lines - medium

Logo and wordmark on 2 lines - small


Dome workmark on 3 lines - MediumDome workmark on 3 lines - LargeDome workmark on 3 lines - Small


Dome and wordmark centered - MediumDome and wordmark centered - Small


Dome - Large Dome - MediumDome - Small