University Brand Manual: Guidelines for Marketing and Communication

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Other graphics and identity systems

The university’s graphic identity policies emphasize a common identity system, underscoring the relationship between individual units and the larger institution. UI policy aims to stem the proliferation of unit logos, but allows for complementary graphics and identity systems that serve specific goals.

The university’s graphic identity committee reviews and approves new logos and other graphics prior to use. Designs should:

  • Coordinate with the university’s graphic identity system
  • Be legible, even when reduced to a small size
  • Translate well across print, electronic, and other media
  • Be reproducible in one color

Designs should not:

  • Incorporate or replicate the university’s logo or wordmark

Following is additional information about some of the other graphics and identity systems used across campus, and their relationship with the university’s system.

College, department, and unit graphics

Some University of Iowa colleges, departments, and other units have developed logos, wordmarks, or other graphics that represent their programs. These graphics should not be used in place of nor combined with the university’s logo and wordmark. To learn whether your college or unit utilizes its own graphic identity system, contact your external relations director or administrator.

University of Iowa seal

The University of Iowa seal is a modification of the original seal of the State University of Iowa. It appears on official documents, but may also be used as a graphic element in print or electronic communications.

Download the seal.

University of Iowa Health Care graphics

The University of Iowa Health Care graphic identity system is a subbrand of the university’s system. All communications from the Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine and UI Hospitals and Clinics should comply with UI Health Care identity guidelines. For more information, contact LeeAnn Eddins at 391-384-1783 or

Tiger Hawk

The Tiger Hawk is an official logo for University of Iowa athletic programs. It should not be used in place of the university’s logo and wordmark in non-athletics communications.

University of Iowa Foundation graphics

The University of Iowa Foundation graphic identity system appears in communications from the foundation. For more information, see the foundation’s graphic identity manual or contact Diane Van Hoozer at 319-467-3746 or

University of Iowa Alumni Association graphics

The University of Iowa Alumni Association graphic identity system and related branding elements appear in communications from the association. For more information, contact Tita Coffman at 319-335-2454 or