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Common Destinations from Schaeffer Hall

Common Destinations from Macbride Hall

Red Route  |  route map
Central campus service (circles clockwise)
Blue Route  |  route map
Central campus service (circles counterclockwise)
Pentacrest  |  route map    |  night route map
Pentacrest to North Hospital and Finkbine/Arena Commuter Lots
Research Park  |  route map
Research Park to North Hospital area. 
Cambus/Coralville/Research Park Bus Pass Required at Holiday Road and 12th Ave stop. 
For information about the pass and where it may be purchased, contact Coralville transit at 248-1790.
Interdorm  |  route map
East side and west side residence halls to central campus
Mayflower Shuttle   |  route map
Mayflower Hall to east residence halls and the Pentacrest  
Hawkeye-Interdorm   |  route map
serves Hawkeye campus, WCTC, residence halls, and Pentacrest
Hawkeye-Express  |  route map 
Express service from Hawkeye living communities to Pentacrest
Hawkeye-Hospital  |  route map |  AM route map  |  PM route map 
serves Hawkeye campus, Newton Road, and WCTC (no service to residence halls or Pentacrest)
Hawk Lot/Hospital  |  route map |  AM route map  |  PM route map 
weekday early morning/late afternoon express service between the Hawkeye Lot and WCTC
Hospital Finkbine/Arena  |  route map 
WCTC to Finkbine & Arena Commuter Lots   
North Hospital Shuttle  |  route map
Finkbine / Arena Commuter Lots to VA Loop
Hospital Via Hancher  |   route map
North Hospital on Newton Road to Hancher Parking Lot
East Campus Shuttle  |  route map
the Pentacrest to Clinton Street Music, the University Services Building (USB) and LConnectsot 11
ABW/Studio Art Shuttle  |  route map |  Studio Arts Shuttle route map
Connects the Pentacrest, Arts Campus, and Studio Arts building.
Music/Theatre Shuttle | route map
Connects the Music West Interim Building with Clinton Street Music and the Pentacrest
Saferide Service   SAFERIDE Red Route   SAFERIDE Blue Route   | route map
Late Night Red Route and Blue Route Service on Friday and Saturday Nights Only during the Academic Year.  Pick up Red at Schaeffer Hall and Blue at Old Capitol Center
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