CDA Iowa Hawkeye Access Pride
Recognition Program 

To increase disability awareness and appreciation for efforts in making the campus a friendlier environment for individuals with disabilities, the UI Council on Disability Awareness has established a “Iowa Hawkeye Access Pride” campaign acknowledging and recognizing recent faculty, staff, and student's contributions.

If you would like to recognize someone for their efforts, big or small, email the following:

  1. Name of person being nominated
  2. Campus address and email address
  3. Brief description of person's efforts

Please join us in appreciating and honoring the following who have been recognized in this program:

  1. Linda Fountain - Office Manager, Orientation Services
    November 11, 2012
    Linda Fountain


  2. Danae Ziggafoos - Dispatch & Bionic Supervisor
    and Bionic Bus Staff 
    January 14, 2013
    Bionic Bus Staff
  3. Wendy Moorehead, Strategic Communications Manager
    Facilities Management 
    August 22, 2014