Council on Teaching

The Council on Teaching provides a forum for discussion of present and future needs in the area of teaching; reviews procedures regarding evaluation of instruction and experimental programs; advises on development of proposals for outside funding to promote teaching. The Council also serves in an advisory capacity for the Center for Teaching.

Members of the council serve a term of three years and are confirmed by the Executive Vice President and Provost. The Council is composed of:

  • Nine members, which must include one lecturer, appointed by the governing body of the faculty, currently the Faculty Senate;
  • Four members appointed by the governing body of the students, currently joint nominations of the UISG and GPSG;
  • One member appointed by the governing body of the staff, currently the Staff Council.
  • Director of the Center for Teaching (ex-officio);
  • Chaired by a faculty member selected by the president of the Faculty Senate.

The Council on Teaching seeks, evaluates and selects candidates for University-wide teaching awards including, but not limited to:

  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards- recognizes teaching assistants who have demonstrated outstanding ability as teachers at the University of Iowa.
  • President and Provost Award for Teaching Excellence- recognizes outstanding University of Iowa faculty with sustained records of teaching excellence.
  • Instructional Improvement Award- awards to University of Iowa faculty or staff to support instructional initiatives that will make exceptional and specific contributions to learning.