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Political Campaign FAQs

Reserving Rooms on Campus

Q: How and where may I rent a room on campus?

A: Through the sponsorship of a recognized student organization, candidates may rent rooms in the Iowa Memorial Union and in designated areas in other campus buildings. Rental fees and other costs must be paid in advance. Details about specific costs are available from the Iowa Memorial Union, 319-335-3114 or refer to their website.

Q: How do I find a student organization to sponsor a political event?

A: Information on recognized student organizations, along with contact names and phone numbers, are available from the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership, 159 Iowa Memorial Union, or by accessing the student organization website.

Q: Are candidates allowed to seek sponsorship from other campus organizations, such as the Council on the Status of Women, the Council on the Status of Latinos, etc.?

A: No. Only recognized student organizations may sponsor candidates or campaigns on campus.

Information Dissemination

Q: How may candidates provide information to students?

A: There are a number of ways to disseminate information to students:

Q: How can a candidate or campaign provide information to faculty and staff?

A: Campus mail cannot be used for political purposes. U.S. mail may be used.

Other Issues

Q: May candidates and campaigns hold rallies on the Pentacrest and/or Kautz Plaza?

A: Yes, but only when sponsored by a recognized UI student group. Requests by recognized student groups must be submitted to the Office of Vice President for Student Life, 249 IMU. Event Information Forms are available in Guest and Event Services, 159 IMU. All events are subject to regulations, including restrictions on time, place, and the use of amplified sound. A member of the recognized sponsoring student organization must make the reservation and is responsible to complete the Event Information Form.

Organized activities, including rallies, are prohibited on the steps of the Old Capitol Building. The Old Capitol Museum is not a designated campaign area.

Q: Are candidates allowed in classrooms?

A: Individual faculty members may allow candidates to address their classes about relevant issues, but not for the purpose of political campaigning.

Q: How may invitations be extended and seats reserved for invited individuals to these events?

A: No blanket invitations may be extended by a campaign group to the general public prior to coordination with the sponsoring student organization. No more than 25 percent of the total seating may be reserved for invited guests. Students will have first priority for general seating.