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University of Iowa Election News Archive

July 2011

Obama re-election favored in early trading on Iowa Electronic Markets (7/7/11)
GOP sweep of Congress given early edge by Iowa Electronic Market traders (07/18/11)

April 2011

UI Hawkeye Poll: Iowans undecided about 2012 judicial retention (5/4/11)
Poll top-line data (5/4/11)
Hawkeye Poll: Iowans remain on the lookout for a standout GOP contender (4/27/11)
Poll top-line data (4/27/11)
Hawkeye Poll: Majority of Americans supports Social Security reform (4/22/11)
Poll top-line data (4/22/11)

March 2011

‘Why Iowa?’ explains state’s key role in nomination process, proposes new system (3/8/11)

December 2010

Hawkeye Poll: Illegal immigration affected Americans' vote choices in 2010 election (12/14/10)
Poll top-line data (12/14/10)
Hawkeye Poll: Most believe U.S. won't win Afghanistan war but support staying (12/13/10)
Poll top-line data (12/13/10)
Hawkeye Poll: public opinion favors legalization of marijuana for medical purposes (12/7/10)
Poll top-line data (12/7/10)

October 2010

IEM trading sees Democrats holding U.S. Senate, GOP taking House (10/26/10)
Iowa Electronic Markets sees increasing likelihood of GOP sweep (10/13/10)

September 2010

Law professor suggests two-person presidency to quell voter anger (9/24/10)
Big moves on IEM after Tuesday’s Tea Party success (9/15/10)
IEM traders increasingly favor GOP in mid-term Congressional elections (9/3/10)

August 2010

IEM traders favor probability of Republican House of Representatives (8/10/10)

May 2010

Hawkeye Poll: Most Americans support preemptive nuclear strikes (5/24/10)
Poll top-line data (5/24/10)

April 2010

Hawkeye Poll: middle-aged Americans most optimistic about health care bill (4/27/10)
Poll top-line data (4/27/10)

March 2010

Photos, video of Obama visit to UI campus available online (3/26/10)
President Obama to speak at UI March 25 (3/22/10)
IEM traders peg Congressional elections a toss-up (3/22/10)

December 2009

Hawkeye Poll: Predictions split on whether economy will turn around in 2010 (12/8/09)
Poll top-line data (12/8/09)
IEM opens Congressional control prediction market for 2010 elections (12/2/09)

November 2009

Hawkeye Poll: U.N., not U.S., should tackle key global issues (11/30/09)
Poll top-line data (11/30/09)
Hawkeye Poll: slight majority of Americans against healthcare reform (11/18/09)
Poll top-line data (11/18/09)

November 2008

UI political scientists examine support for gay marriage in Iowa (11/25/08)
Poll topline data (11/25/08)
IEM within less than half percentage point in presidential race prediction (11/24/08)
Student exit poll examines views on financial crisis, drinking, candidates (11/7/08)
Democratic contract never trailed on IEM's Winner Take All prediction market (11/5/08)
UI law professor says Obama election moves us closer to racial equality (11/5/08)
University of Iowa Hawkeye Poll examines attributes of early voters (11/3/08)

October 2008

IEM traders give edge to Obama, Democrats, while Franken price dips (10/30/08)
Students urge students to vote smart with (10/29/08)
Obama leads Iowa by 13.5 percent; growing gap linked to independents' support (10/27/08)
Obama leads eight Midwest states in Big Ten Battleground Poll (10/23/08)
UI offers tipsheet for election homestretch (10/22/08)
Results of second Big Ten Battleground Poll coming Thursday on Big Ten Network (10/21/08)
Hawkeye Poll: younger voters could swing election but remain less engaged (10/21/08)
Poll top-line data (10/21/08)
Traders give edge to Obama, Democrats, Franken on IEM's election markets (10/16/08)
Voters enthralled with election, but still unsure about Obama's faith (10/14/08)
Poll top-line data (10/14/08)
UI study: minorities do not feel stigmatized by affirmative action (10/9/08)
Obama-McCain gap widens on Iowa Electronic Markets (10/7/08)

September 2008

McCain contracts shed 10 percent of value in weekend IEM trading (9/29/08)
On day of the first debate, IEM traders still make Obama the favorite (9/26/08)
Obama and McCain in tight race in inaugural Big Ten Battleground Poll (9/18/08)
Inaugural Big Ten Battleground Poll results coming Thursday on Big Ten Network
UI Hawkeye Poll: one-fourth of Iowans financially affected by summer's disasters (9/9/08)
Poll top-line data (9/9/08)

August 2008

Obama price little changed on IEM following Democratic convention (8/29/08)
IEM opens Congressional control prediction market (8/26/08)
IEM traders give edge to Obama as Democratic National Convention gets underway (8/25/08)
IEM, team up for Coleman-Franken Minnesota Senate market (8/21/08)
Iowans favor Obama in new University of Iowa Hawkeye Poll (8/19/08)
Poll top-line data (8/19/08)
Professor-delegate will teach classes from Democratic National Convention (8/18/08)
New external board to provide strategic advice to Iowa Electronic Markets (8/18/08)
Hawkeye Poll: Edwards' absence wouldn't have buoyed Clinton in Iowa Caucuses (8/12/08)

July 2008

Leadership study suggests age may have helped Obama, hurt Clinton (7/30/08)

June 2008

IEM investors favor Obama over McCain in general election (6/4/08)

May 2008

UI researchers among those calling for legal clarification of prediction markets (5/15/08)
Clinton contract takes a beating on Iowa Electronic Markets (5/7/08)

April 2008

IEM investors still believe Obama will be Democratic nominee (4/21/08)
Iowa researcher works to make voting easier, fairer, in wake of new law (4/10/08)

March 2008

McCain closing gap with Democrats on IEM presidential market (3/31/08)
Professor: political punch lines are problematic (3/13/08)

February 2008

Analysis: IEM more accurate at predicting elections than polls from 1988 to 2004 (2/14/08)
Super Tuesday brings wild swings to Iowa Electronic Markets (2/6/08)
On Super Tuesday, Clinton's lead slips on IEM (2/5/08)

January 2008

McCain, Clinton take commanding leads on IEM (1/30/08)
UI Hawkeye Poll: Iowans had fun at their caucuses (1/25/08)
Poll top-line data (1/25/08)
Law research finds U.S. farm workers hurt by guest worker visa process (1/10/08)
Clinton back on top of Iowa Electronic Markets after New Hampshire win (1/9/08)
Obama, McCain lead Iowa Electronic Markets on N.H. primary day (1/8/08)
UI election Web site to be included in Library of Congress collection (1/7/08)
Obama, Huckabee up; Clinton, Romney down on Iowa Electronic Markets (1/4/08)
McCain, Clinton lead Iowa Electronic Markets on caucus day (1/3/08)

December 2007

Iowa political experts offer caucus forecast (12/31/07)
McCain gains, Romney takes lead on IEM (12/27/07)
Law class to examine separation of church and state (12/27/07)
University of Iowa journalists get creative with 'Caucus on the Cob' site (12/17/07)
Huckabee debuts strong, then fades on IEM nomination market (12/6/07)
Iowa Electronic Markets to offer Huckabee contract (12/4/07)

November 2007

Lecture will address looming national debt crisis Dec. 3 (11/19/07)
Redlawsk will discuss 'The Power of the Iowa Caucus' Nov. 29 in Des Moines (11/19/07)

October 2007

UI Hawkeye Poll: Huckabee gaining; Clinton and Obama battling for top spot (10/29/07)
Iowa caucus-goers say Iraq War, terrorism top issues in new UI Hawkeye Poll (10/29/07)
Poll top-line data (PDF) (10/29/07)
Methodology (PDF) (10/29/07)
PowerPoint detailing key findings of latest UI Hawkeye Poll (PDF) (10/29/07)
Media Advisory: Latest UI Hawkeye Poll results will be released Oct. 29 (10/19/07)
Rietz's research finds runoff elections hurt minority representation (10/4/07)
Cross-tab data, October 2007 (PDF)
Audio file of Press Club news conference (courtesy of XM Radio)
Audio file of POTUS interview of David Redlawsk on XM Radio
PowerPoint detailing key findings of latest UI Hawkeye Poll (PDF)

September 2007

Iowa Caucuses become part of University of Iowa curriculum (9/14/07)
Fred Thompson unchanged on IEM after formal declaration of candidacy (9/7/07)
Hawkeye Poll: immigration increasingly important to Iowa voters (9/4/07)
Immigration poll: topline data only (9/4/07)

August 2007

'U.S. And World Affairs' Series Offers Iowans A Pre-Caucus Chautauqua (8/20/07)
UI Poll: Edwards' Caucus Lead Disappears, Richardson Gains Traction (8/9/07)
As Straw Poll Approaches, Romney Soars, Giuliani Drops And McCain Collapses (8/8/07)
Candidate Preference Poll: Topline Data Only (PDF) (8/8/07)
Candidate Preference Poll: Methodology Summary (8/8/07)
Three More UI Election Experts Available For Interviews (8/8/07)

July 2007

Redlawsk Book On Voter Decisions Wins Award (7/13/07)

June 2007

IEM Offers Fred Thompson Contract In Republican Nomination Market(6/16/07)

May 2007

UI Economics Researcher: Term Limits Could Invigorate Senate Elections (5/2/07)

April 2007

UI Unveils Website For Journalists Covering Caucuses, Presidential Election (4/20/07)
UI Poll: Candidates' Immigration Stance Matters; Iowans Favor Earned Citizenship
Immigration Poll: Data Only (PDF) (4/11/07)
UI Poll: Race Not Key In Candidate Choice; Gender Matters To Some
Race/Gender Poll: Data Only (PDF) (4/9/07)
Poll: Iowa Dems Favor Clinton, Edwards; Republicans Like Giuliani, McCain (4/3/07)
Candidate Preference Poll: Data Only (PDF) (4/3/07)

March 2007

Former President Jimmy Carter To Speak At UI April 18 (3/28/07)
University Of Iowa Poll: Wife's Cancer Won't Hurt Edwards In Iowa Caucuses 03/27/07