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I am new to the University of Iowa. What is ISIS and how do I log into the system?

Iowa Student Information Services (ISIS),, is the University of Iowa student service system where you can conduct various types of University business, including admission acceptance, checking your financial aid application/award status, and viewing your University bill. Students can provide their parents with view only guest access to ISIS.

You will need your HawkID and password to log into ISIS. If you forget your HawkID, contact Admissions at 319-335-3847 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Time (excluding holidays). If you forget your password, request a Password Reset.


Fall 2014

(When viewing Fall 2014 information on ISIS, make sure you select the Fall 2014 session in the drop down box.)

How do I receive my financial aid and pay my University Bill (U-bill)?

  • U-bills are available on ISIS the first day of each month. Fall tuition is billed on the August 1 U-bill.
  • The University Billing Office provides the Fall 2014 estimated financial aid (with the exception of work-study) on the August 1 U-bill, if the student's fall financial aid is ready for disbursement (see requirements section of our disbursement web page).
  • Beginning the first day of classes (August 25 for most students), any financial aid funds remaining after contract charges (tuition and fees and on-campus housing and dining) have been paid will be refunded to the student by the University Billing Office.
  • Before your financial aid will be refunded to you, you must have all prior session charges paid and be registered for the number of hours your financial aid award was based on.
  • The University Billing Office web site provides answers to frequently asked U-bill questions and a video tutorial on how to read your U-bill on-line.

When will I receive my financial aid refund?

The refund information is available in ISIS. (When in ISIS, click on Student Records. Under the Financial Aid heading, click on Aid Disbursement.) The University Billing Office direct deposits your refund to your bank account, if you have paid all of your prior session charges, are enrolled for the appropriate number of hours, and have signed up for direct deposit on ISIS.

Why don't I see all of the aid that I was expecting on my U-bill ?

U-bill information is updated nightly. If you don't see all of your financial aid listed on your U-bill, check your bill periodically if you are waiting for financial aid awards to appear.

Other possibilities for all of your financial aid not appearing on the U-bill are:

  • your application/award status is not complete
  • all required loan documents have not been completed (check Loan Document Status on ISIS)
  • half of your academic year financial aid is applied to your U-bill each semester

Why is the left side of my award notification cut off when I view it in ISIS?

If you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser, your award notification may not display correctly. Try using Firefox or Chrome.

What are the loan fees listed on the award notification?

The federal government assesses loan fees on Federal Direct Loans. Detailed information is available on our loan fees web page.

How do I cancel or reduce my student loan(s)?

If you were awarded loans for the 2014-2015 academic year and you want to cancel or reduce them, complete the Aid Adjustment Form or send an email to our office (  If emailing, be sure to include your full name, student ID number, the name of the loan you are wanting to cancel/reduce, and the academic year for which you want the loan cancelled/reduced. If you are wanting a loan reduced, be very specific about the amount that you want the loan reduced to.

Most federal loan funds for Fall 2014 have been applied to your U-bill and excess funds may have been refunded to you. If you are requesting to cancel or reduce your 2014-2015 loan(s), we will make the changes; however, you may be billed, on an upcoming U-bill, for all or a portion of the loan funds that you received. If you will be billed for funds received, we will email you after we have made the reduction/cancellation.  Please be patient as this process can take up to two weeks.

It may take up to one week for your cancellation/reduction request to be processed. Approximately ten days after submitting your request, check your financial aid award on ISIS. After accessing ISIS:

  • click on the heading Student Records and find the heading Financial Aid  (make sure you select the correct session in the upper right corner when viewing each page, i.e. Fall 2014)
  • click on the heading Award Notification.




Office of Student Financial Aid (for questions about application status, promissory notes)

Due to the volume of emails being received, please allow up to two ur business days for a response. 

University Billing Office (for questions about U-bill amount and due date, financial aid disbursement and refunds)

Financial Literacy (for assistance with budgeting, wise student loan borrowing, and loan repayment options)

Student Employment (for questions about work-study and student part-time employment)

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) (for questions about satisfactory academic progress and completing the SAP appeal form)