2014-2015 Graduate
Cost of Attendance


The estimated cost of attendance includes both billed expenses and estimated expenses.

Billed Expenses: These expenses are billed directly to you by the University of Iowa Billing Office and appear on your University bill (U-Bill).

  • Tuition & Fees:  The amounts provided represent costs for students enrolled full-time in the UI Graduate College. Tuition varies for students enrolled in other UI colleges. For detailed information about the different rates for tuition and fees, refer to the Office of the Registrar's Tuition and Fee Tables.

Estimated Expenses: These expenses represent average amounts that are developed annually by the UI Office of Student Financial Aid. Before the start of the academic year, it is important that you determine what you anticipate your actual expenses will be for these categories and budget accordingly.

  • Off-Campus Housing & Meals:  Your actual amount will vary based on your personal housing and meal choices.
  • Books & Supplies: This amount will vary depending on the classes for which you enroll.
  • Personal: This is the amount that you might spend on items which include, but are not limited to, clothing, personal hygiene, entertainment, and laundry. These are the most variable expenses since they reflect personal spending habits.
  • Transportation: This is the amount that you might spend on transportation expenses (traveling to/from class and going home over breaks).

The following estimated costs are for full-time enrollment (9 or more hours per semester) for the nine-month academic year. To determine the estimated cost for one semester, divide the academic year cost in half.

Billed Expenses
  Tuition & Fees
Estimated Expenses
  Housing & Meals
  Books & Supplies