Community Part-Time Hourly Employers


This page is dedicated to community employers who wish to advertise part-time hourly jobs on the University Jobnet system and hire University students for these positions through their own payroll. These community job opportunities are very important to students as they seek to maximize educational resources and minimize loan indebtedness. 


Establishing Rate of Pay

The employer determines the hourly rate of pay based on job duties and qualifications and the current job market.  A review of the most recent Part-Time Hourly (PDF) and Work-Study (PDF) Wage Surveys may be helpful in establishing the pay. The student's experience and background for the particular job should be used as criteria in setting the exact hourly wage. Iowa minimum wage is $7.25 effective January 1, 2008.


Posting Jobs on Jobnet

Jobnet is the University’s on-line advertisement system for student part-time hourly jobs, both on and off campus. All job qualifications must be in accordance with the University of Iowa Non-Discrimination Statement. Off-campus community employers must be approved by the Office of Student Financial Aid to post Federal Work-Study jobs.

Postings on Jobnet must be part-time, paid by the hour and local jobs. University employers may post jobs for no more than 20 hours per week during the academic year (40 hours during Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks, and summer session). Off-campus community employers may post jobs for no more than 30 hours per week. Full-time and salary or commission jobs cannot be advertised on Jobnet. Exception: Jobs that are full-time for the summer only can be posted during the summer posting period. The employer's geographic location and the job location itself must be within 30 miles of Iowa City.

The Job Entry Form must be filled out completely. The Rate of Pay must be an hourly rate and a dollar value. Hours per Week must be listed as a numerical value. However, a range can be posted for both of these sections. Currently the Job Entry Form does not provide a space for the employer's email address. Employers may want to include an email address in the Job Qualifications section so that both students and Student Employment staff can quickly contact the employer via email.

Jobnet is updated daily, Monday-Friday, with new jobs being reviewed and posted within two business days. Jobs are posted for one month. Employers should call 335-1460 or email to remove the job if it is filled before the month.  Employers may also request that the job continue to be posted if it is not filled within the month. Employers should reference the job number when contacting Student Employment.

Employers may also advertise positions in the classified section of the Daily Iowan or through the Pomerantz Career Center.