Hours Per Week Work Limitations

Student hourly work limitations are established by State of Iowa law.  Student employment exists to support students in the pursuit of an academic degree.  In order to insure success, both in the classroom and on the job, balance is the key. Too many work hours may place a student's academic success at risk.

It is important to note that college coursework doesn’t take place just in the classroom.  Information from the University of Iowa Handbook for New Students, provided during Orientation, recommends that for every semester hour of credit, a student should expect to have one contact hour in the classroom and two study hours out of the classroom. A student who works more than 20 hours per week may find it difficult to schedule enough study hours which could negatively impact success in school.

The limitations below apply regardless of the number of student jobs you have or the number of semester hours for which you are enrolled (i.e., enrolled in one class or full-time).

Student Hourly (Work-Study and Part-Time) Only --20 hours per week maximum (all hourly jobs combined). Exception: 40 hours over Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks, and summer.

Student Hourly in Addition to Salaried  Employment (merit, professional, or graduate assistantship)--40 hours per week maximum (all hourly and salaried jobs combined).

International Students--20 hours per week for all employment programs. Questions regarding employment policies for international students should be directed to the International Student and Scholar Services, 319-335-0335.

Residence Hall Assistants (RAs)--Per University Housing policy, RAs are not eligible to work at a student hourly position during the academic year.  Exception: During winter break, 40 hours per week is allowed.