Summer Employment

During the summer, two employment programs exist on campus, Part-Time Hourly and Work-Study.  Part-Time Hourly is available to students at colleges/universities or high schools.  Work-Study is only available to degree-seeking University of Iowa students enrolled in a summer session.

Student hourly work limitations are established by State of Iowa law. Students may work a maximum of 40 hours per week over the summer.

Part-Time Hourly

Summer class registration is not required for part-time hourly employment. During the summer hire exclusion period (late April through late September), employers may hire students who were enrolled at a college/university or high school during the prior spring or are enrolled for the summer session. The exact dates of the summer hire exclusion are established each year according to the Biweekly Payroll Schedule.



To be awarded Work-Study for summer, students must:

The maximum summer Work-Study amount a student may be awarded is determined each year based on funding availability. A student's award amount is determined by the amount of their financial need. The minimum award is $600.  


Summer Employment Opportunities

In April, local employers will generally begin to advertise their summer jobs on Jobnet, an on-line University advertisement system.

The Pomerantz Career Center maintains summer internship information for regional and national employers.


Getting Paid