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Additional information regarding financial assistance available to graduate students is available from the following University of Iowa web sites:


Students enrolled in the Colleges of Engineering, Nursing, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, or Law should contact those colleges for information on financial aid programs awarded by those colleges.


Information for Graduate Students

Graduate students may be eligible for financial aid if they are enrolled at least half-time (five semester hours during the academic year or three semester hours during the summer session) in a program leading to a degree at The University of Iowa. Students admitted as nondegree students may be eligible for some of the programs listed below.

To apply for financial aid funds that are awarded by the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA), you must follow the application procedures provided in our Step-By-Step Process web page.


Types of Graduate Student Financial Aid Awarded by UI OSFA


Half-Time or Full-Time Status Requirement

In order to be eligible for the Federal Direct Student Loans and/or the Work-Study Program, or to maintain deferment status on athe Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Family Education Loans, or Federal Direct Student Loans, federal financial aid regulations state that a graduate student must be registered at least "half-time," and in some cases "full-time." The University of Iowa definition of half-time for a graduate student is a minimum registration of five semester hours. If you are registered for less than five hours, and you are working on your dissertation or thesis or are doing research toward fulfillment of your degree requirements, you may be considered a half-time or full-time student.

Federal regulations state that a half-time or full-time graduate student is "carrying a half-time or full-time academic work-load as determined by the institution according to its own standards and practices." If you meet these requirements, obtain from your academic department the Half-Time Equivalency Form. Your department will need to complete the form and submit it to the Registrar's Office. This form must be on file at the Registrar's Office before any financial aid can be applied to your University account.

Although your academic department may consider you a half-time or full-time student, this does not mean that the Office of Student Financial Aid will use half or full-time tuition to determine your cost of attendance. Your cost of attendance is based on the actual tuition that you will pay. When applying for financial aid, be sure to inform the Office of Student Financial Aid of your actual registration hours.


Special Note to Traineeship/Fellowship/Assistantship Recipients

Departmental tuition payments and/or traineeship/fellowship income is considered as financial aid and, therefore, will reduce your financial need during the academic year in which your traineeship/fellowship is received.

Assistantship income (wages from graduate, teaching, or research assistantships) will not affect your financial aid eligibility during the academic year in which your assistantship is received. However, the wages earned are considered as income for that calendar year and will be used when determining your financial aid eligibility for the following academic year.

Nonresident financial aid recipients who receive assistantships allowing resident classification for tuition purposes may have their financial aid decreased due to the difference in cost of attendance for resident and nonresident students.