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"Horn playing is easy - you just take a big breath and pucker your lips and put your whole life through the horn." - Lili Agrell (age 6)

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Welcome to The University of Iowa Horn Studio Web Site!

Architect's drawing of the new state-of-the-art(s) UI School of Music!
Construction continues: the walls are up!
Completion: Fall 2016

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--->The UI Horn Studio has openings for 2 TA’s for incoming grad students starting Fall 2015
Email Jeffrey Agrell for more information (

Congratulations to DMA student Megan Starrett who was 
awarded a Fulbright Grant to study in Hungary 2014-2015!




Jeffrey Agrell, Associate Professor of Horn

Besides information about horn studio of The University of Iowa, 
the UI Horn Studio Web Site provides a set of annotated links to 
web sites of interest to horn players everywhere.

It is the most comprehensive such site on the web! 

It is designed

•to provide information for current and prospective students
•to further connection and information exchange with
high school players and band directors
•to list current events in the studio and in world of the horn playing (below)
•to bring quick access a plethora of interesting, amazing, and useful resources 
for the horn student, amateur or professional player, 
band director, music educator, trivia buff, or music researcher.

This web site has had over 131,000 visits since May 2009

We appreciate suggestions, additions, and corrections (e.g. dead links) from our visitors! 
And questions: we love questions about anything horn or music-related.

New: Web Site for the University of Iowa Brass Area

Jeffrey Agrell’s Horn Blog:
Horn Insights

Jeffrey Agrell’s Other Blogs:
Improv InsightsComposition Insights

Check it out:
WHO PLAYS WHAT? - survey of equipment

Top Sites - Cross section of interesting links

Join the International Horn Society!

Get in on the action! Meet horn players around the country and the world! 
Find out what's going on: people, places, events, equipment

The 47th annual International Horn Society Symposium 
will be held at the Colburn School in Los Angeles, CA August 2-8, 2015
Host: Andrew Bain (LA Philharmonic), Annie Bosler (Colburn)
Featured artists include: Stefan Dohr, Sarah Willis, Stefan de Level Jezierski, Andrej Zust, Gail Williams, Dale Clevenger, Rick Todd, Don Greene

Prospective Students 
Click here for comprehensive information about playing horn and studying music at the University of Iowa

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•World of Horn News•
Click here for a link to extensive listings of horn events at the IHS Web Site 


A horn by any other name...

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