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New for the survey in 2012: Changes in the 2012 survey

Based upon feedback from the 2008 survey, changes have been made in these areas:

  1. The survey is shorter: participants rate twenty items on a six-point scale from strongly agree to strongly disagree. For most, the survey will only require five minutes to complete.
  2. The survey items are more actionable: the actions necessary to improve will be clear from the item itself. Most items have been carried over from previous surveys and are consistent with the research on engagement and productivity. However, a few additional items have been added to reflect common campus values, such as civil and respectful behavior.
  3. The reports have been redesigned:Reports will be available more quickly after the close of the survey. The reports will provide results on each of the twenty items in graphic and chart formats for easier analysis. University and college/division reports will also include a trend analysis of seven questions that have been consistent through the three survey snapshots in 2006, 2008 and 2012. Line graphs will identify the trend represented by the data points from each survey and whether the trend appears to be statistically significant.
  4. Better training to use data for change: Even prior to the survey, Human Resources will be training campus representatives in "data coaching", so that the survey data can lead to dialog and action to address opportunities for improvement. Just in time resources will continue to be available to work with individual organizations and departments.

Page last updated September 2012