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Your individual survey is never seen by University Human Resources or any University administrator.

Responding to this survey is similar to voting - University HR will know if you voted, but not how.  We use this information to send requests to participate to those who have not yet responded.

The Working at Iowa survey will be administered through the use of Qualtrics, the online survey product licensed by The University of Iowa. The responses will be stored by Qualtrics on their off-campus servers. After the completion date of the survey, the data will be sent to the College of Public Health, where the data will be processed into reports.

The confidentiality of survey results will also be maintained by only providing results for any given item in any given report when there are 15 or more respondents. All results will be reported as percentages of those participating. The total number of participants will be provided for a report in total, but not specific to individual survey items. This strategy is the same as used in the 2008 survey.

Page last updated September 2012