The Consultation (Question and Answer) Service is provided by pharmacy clerkship students under the direct supervision of College of Pharmacy faculty or DDIS pharmacists. Please note that this service is not available when students are not staffing IDIN. The IDIN web site posts the current student staffing status of the service.



Drug Information Education

Notice: IDIS database discontinuation December 31, 2014.   Read more.

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IDIN clerkship students and faculty can assist University of Iowa preceptors and pharmacy clerkship students in formulating and conducting medication information searches. When appropriate, the IDIN staff will conduct the search and provide an evidence-based response.

Preceptors and P4C students have email,, and toll free telephone, 1-800-525-4347, access to these consult services, whenever there are IDIN clerkship students.

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Clerkship Schedule

There are no students currently staffing IDIN.


Individuals or organizations who are not members of the Iowa Drug Information Network can contract for retrieval and evaluation of pharmaceutical information. (Current fees for this service.) This service offers specialized development of information support solutions and creation of databases to facilitate evidence-based decision making. Solutions are also applicable to:

• Formulary evaluations of drugs or drug classes
• Individual clinical trial summary and critique
• Synthesis of multiple studies in a therapeutic application
• Preparation or use of AMCP format product dossier for formulary submissions
• Preparation of text, slides, other material for CE or CME

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