The IDIS database Drug Vocabulary and Thesaurus is a comprehensive, controlled vocabulary of valid drug terms. Developed in-house in 1966, it is extensively cross-referenced and updated on a monthly basis.



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Vocabulary and Thesaurus Description: Maintained since 1966, the drug vocabulary and thesaurus is extensively cross-referenced, reliable and updated monthly. These characteristics allow the vocabulary to be used in instances where a complete listing of drug names and associated numbers is required.

New drug name and number terms and new thesaurus entries are regularly added. These additions are generated from new FDA drug approvals and appearance of product names in either U.S. or international pharmacy and medical journals. These additions appear in each update of the file.

There are also changes to drug names, numbers and cross-references in the thesaurus. Changes are generated by adoption of an official name for a drug compound, manufacturer initiated product changes, determination of the drug's specific therapeutic classification or other similar reasons. These changes appear in each update file.

Only non-proprietary names are used to define valid drug terms. Included are pharmaceutical aids, investigational code names, chemical names and non-therapeutic/toxic substance names.

The IDIS Drug Vocabulary contains over 9,800 drug terms and is constantly updated as new drug terms appear in the literature and as drug names change.

IDIS has developed a comprehensive Drug Thesaurus that contains U.S. and international drug synonyms and trade names cross-referenced to valid IDIS drug terms. The Drug Thesaurus has over 25,000 entries.

More detailed information is available in the Drug Vocabulary and Thesaurus Description document.

Fees: The IDIS Drug Vocabulary and Thesaurus is delivered via an e-mail attachment. Annual lease for files with quarterly update service. For more information, please see the Drug Vocabulary and Thesaurus Prices and the Agreement documents.

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