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The Iowa Drug Information Network (IDIN) and Medicap Pharmacies, Inc. Announce New Partnership

Release Date: 5 February 2003

Contact: Ronald A. Herman, Ph.D.

(Iowa City, IA) Pharmacists and other health care professionals need reliable, up-to-date drug information in order to provide the best care for their patients. In support of this need the Iowa Drug Information Network is pleased to announce a partnership with Medicap Pharmacies, Inc.

The Iowa Drug Information Network (IDIN) is an educational and service program of The University of Iowa, and is designed to provide drug information and to support the drug information role of pharmacists providing pharmaceutical care. IDIN plays an important support role in generating and communicating drug information to practitioners so they can optimize medication use and achieve specific health outcomes. The Network includes community pharmacies and home health care members nationwide. The College of Pharmacy's Division of Drug Information Service (DDIS) established IDIN in 1996. The Division of Drug Information Service publishes the Iowa Drug Information Service (IDIS) database, provides customized drug information consults and delivers indexed FDA Drug Approval Packages with abstracts of new drug pivotal studies. The Division's mission is to provide drug information systems and services throughout the world to improve human health care.

Since its beginning in 1971, Medicap Pharmacies, Inc. has grown from one location to nearly 200 pharmacies in 34 states. Medicap Pharmacy's image is built upon their founding principle that each patient deserves personal, professional care and fair priced prescriptions. They continue to grow by focusing on new opportunities in the ever-changing healthcare market. They are carving out new territory in pharmaceutical care with the advent of their "Counseling By Appointment" program. The majority of Medicap Pharmacy locations feature private patient consultation rooms. This approach to pharmaceutical care -- patient care, access to the pharmacist, and one-on-one service has been the key to their growth. The partnership with the Iowa Drug Information Network will solidify this approach to caring for patients by providing enhanced information to practitioners and patients who choose a Medicap Pharmacy for their prescription needs.

The partnership between Medicap Pharmacies, Inc. and the Iowa Drug Information Network will enable participating Medicap Pharmacy locations to have access to timely and complete drug information. These new members of the Network will have internet access to pharmacy and medical literature related to drug use in humans through the IDIS/Web database and 22 electronic medical textbooks. Network members also receive drug information training and have access to a drug information specialist for patient specific questions. Both organizations believe that this partnership will equip the pharmacists with education, resources and tools to strengthen the pharmaceutical care they deliver to their patients.

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