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DDIS Scholarly Activities - Teaching

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DDIS Faculty: Teaching Appointments

Ronald A. Herman , R.Ph., Ph.D.
Professor (Clinical)
Director, Iowa Drug Information Network (IDIN)

Advanced Practice Experience in Drug Information (46:161) – supervises about 10 final year students for a five week advanced practice experience in drug information, and provides six hours of introductory practice experience for approximately ten first year pharmacy students each year

Drug Literature Evaluation (46:115) – five hours of lecture and leads ten hours of discussion on adverse drug reaction studies, PharmacoEconomic studies, practice guidelines, ethical issues related to publication of research and how to deliver journal clubs presentations, and coordinate all lab activities

Clinical Pharmacokinetics (46:170) – five hours of lecture covering creatinine clearance measurements, general concentration monitoring principles, clinical PK of aminoglycosides, clinical PK of vancomycin, and also teach students how to use CPK software which he has written for therapeutic drug monitoring

Pharmacotherapy (46:155) – respiratory Disorders & Dermatology, a single two hour lecture on pharmacotherapy of the burn patient

Research Design for Clinical Studies (46:284) – every other year, a two hour lecture to graduate students on how to evaluate literature


Vicki R. Kee , R.Ph., Pharm.D., BCPS
Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Staff Pharmacist II (Academic Research)

Fundamentals of Evaluating Clinical Research (46:103) – systematic approach to answering drug information questions

Drug Literature Evaluation (46:115) – journal club presentation evaluator

Pharmacy Practice Lab I (46:50) – tertiary drug information database searching

Pharmacy Practice Lab II (46:051) – Iowa Drug Information Service (IDIS) database searching

Pharmacy Practice Lab III (46:116) – specialty drug information resources for natural products, pregnancy and lactation, pediatrics, bioequivalence, laboratory data, toxicology, drug interactions and adverse drug reactions

Pharmacy Practice Lab V (46:118) – ostomy care

Therapeutics – Women's and Men's Health (46:154) – gynecologic disorders, pregnancy, and lactation

Therapeutics - Fluids, Electrolytes and Nutrition, GI and Renal Diseases (46:158) – inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis)


Kevin G. Moores , Pharm.D.
Associate Professor (Clinical)
Director, Division of Drug Information Service (DDIS)

Drug Literature Evaluation (46:115) – Study design methods, drug information techniques and skills; skill development in critical analysis and evaluation of published reports of drug use and drug trials, assessment of validity of reports, trials and studies, assessment of generalizability of results to individual patients and patient groups; laboratory experience in biomedical literature analysis, evaluation.


Teaching    Publications    World of Drug Information    Presentations    Training

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