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A general proceedings for the conference will be published by Cascadilla Press. All papers and posters are invited to submit a paper. Papers should be a minimum of 8 pages and no more than 12 pages including references. It is Cascadilla’s policy that authors are responsible for the formatting, editing and proofing of their own work and further responsible to send a pdf version of their work to us as editors as well as a paper version of the finished article. Please send the pdf version of your paper to the conference e-mail address in accord with the schedule below. DO NOT send the paper version until we have had the chance to check your pdf file to ensure no changes will be needed before you invest in sending us the paper version, which we will need to send to Cascadilla. The version that is sent to Cascadilla must come from you as it is taken to be your guarantee that you have approved the final version of your paper. When you send the paper version to us upon receiving confirmation of the formatting, you will also need to print and sign the copyright form (see link below) with original signatures from each co-author. The guidelines are quite specific and detailed below. Failure to conform to the guidelines, time depending, could result in your paper not being published if time simply runs out. So please do your very best to conform to the guidelines in the links below. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail anyone of the editors at the address provided below:

Paper due: July 1st, 2009
Notification of formatting revisions: August 1st, 2009
Final .pdf due: September 1st, 2009
Paper copies and sign copyright form must be received no later than: September 15th, 2009 (see Gen. Author info below)

General author information http://www.lingref.com/cpp/authors/index.html
Style Sheet: http://www.lingref.com/cpp/authors/style.html
Publication copyright form: http://www.lingref.com/cpp/authors/rights.html

EDITORS E-mails:

Mike Iverson: mbiverson@gmail.com
Tiffany Judy: tiffanyjudy@gmail.com
Ivan Ivanov: iavn-ivanov@uiowa.edu
Jason Rothman: jason-rothman@uiowa.edu
Roumyana Slabakova: roumyana-slabakova@uiowa.edu
Marta Tyzna: marta-tryzna@uiowa.edu



Mind-Context Divide Workshop

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The workshop is made possible by generous funding from the International Programs Major Projects fund, The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ Bond Funding, the Vice President of Research, as well as the Co-Sponsorships of FLARE/SLA Ph.D program, the Iowa Center for Developmental and Learning Sciences and the Departments of Linguistics and Spanish and Portuguese.

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