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Questions addressed: The questions to be addressed include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • How do children and L2 learners acquire the properties of lexical items (lexicon-syntax interface)?
  • What role does prosody play in the acquisition of morphology (prosody-morphosyntax interface)?
  • How are semantic concepts (e.g., definiteness, specificity, genericity, tense, aspect, among others) acquired, and how does this affect the use and interpretation of the dedicated morphological markers of these concepts (semantics-syntax and pragmatics-syntax interface)?
  • Is context and discourse information (focus, topic) readily integrated and marked by language learners?

In addition to focusing on these grammatical areas, which are starting to receive enhanced attention in language acquisition, the workshop will explore the following questions which are fundamental to the study of language development and ultimate attainment:

  • Are there stages of development in acquisition at the interfaces?
  • Does children’s cognitive development make a difference with respect to such properties?
  • What is the role of the L1 in the acquisition of the second language interfaces?
  • How do L2 learners eventually converge on the complete grammar of the target language, if they ever do?


Mind-Context Divide Workshop

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The workshop is made possible by generous funding from the International Programs Major Projects fund, The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ Bond Funding, the Vice President of Research, as well as the Co-Sponsorships of FLARE/SLA Ph.D program, the Iowa Center for Developmental and Learning Sciences and the Departments of Linguistics and Spanish and Portuguese.

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