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Ready or Not – A Focused Series on Prevention and Personal Safety

Bystander Intervention: Stopping Harmful Behaviors Before They Escalate

Course # 663


Advertising Description:

Inappropriate, offensive and harassing conduct must be addressed in order to create a safe and welcoming campus and community. In order to create positive community change, we need the participation of helpful and active bystanders. However, if bystanders do not possess the appropriate skills and confidence, they often choose to remain silent and passive.

In this training, participants will learn about the bystander intervention model of response, including identifying ‘precursor’ behaviors that may escalate, and effective options for response. Participants will learn and practice specific bystander intervention skills and techniques. The training includes discussion of scenarios common to the workplace and university community. Participants learn ways to provide support to each other, and opportunity to practice bystander intervention skills.

Objectives: (At the end of this course participants will be able to)

Participants: (audience course is designed to reach)

UI faculty and staff