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Ready or Not – A Focused Series on Prevention and Personal Safety

Cyber-Stalking and Beyond: How Information Technology Can Be Used to Harass, Intimidate and Harm; How to Protect Yourself; How to Get Help

Course # 667


Advertising Description:

Information technology tools are an integral part of life for UI staff and faculty members. These tools make our work easier and more effective, and help us to communicate and make connections; but in the hands of someone with ill intent, they can also be used to stalk, harass, bully and intimidate. This workshop presents information about the problem: examples of technologies being exploited by offenders and the impact on those they target; information about social media such as Facebook; and shares information about resources available as part of a coordinated response to prevent and intervene in situations in which technology is being used to stalk, harass, bully and/or intimidate; as well as steps individuals can take to increase their own personal safety.

Objectives: (At the end of this course participants will be able to)

Participants: (audience course is designed to reach)

Faculty and staff members