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Supervising @IOWA
Helping the Troubled Employee: What Every UI Supervisor Should Know
Course # 168

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From time to time, supervisors may have concerns for a staff member. Maybe they are struggling with a personal problem or maybe there is a decline in their work performance. Recognizing the signs and learning what you as a supervisor can do to assist are essential to productivity and morale. Learn about what you can do to help a troubled employee and where to go for needed resources.

Objectives: (At the end of this course participants will be able to)

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This is an elective course for the Supervising @IOWA certificate program. It is intended for UI faculty and staff supervisors. All Supervising @IOWA elective courses are open to all supervisors regardless of participation in the certificate program.

Supervising @IOWA is designed for relatively new supervisors or as a comprehensive overview for more experienced supervisors that focus on the everyday practices that create a productive and respectful work environment. All UI supervisors are welcomed to enroll in the program. Visit Supervising @IOWA to learn more about the program.