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The Housing Project

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    The Housing roject was formed in 2002 in response to the steady stream of calls and e-mail messages IPAT received from people asking where and how they could get money, materials or other help to install exterior ramps, widen doorways, obtain equipment or retrofit homes and apartments. Most inquiries came from people whose family or friends had experienced an accident, injury or disability that limited day-to-day functioning and activities.  They had scoured their communities looking for home modification programs, only to find that, with few exceptions, none existed outside of Iowa's largest cities.  The lack of programs and information left people trapped in their houses and apartments or forced them to go into debt, move elsewhere, sell their homes or enter a nursing home.

  • The Legal clinic developed systems reform projects and crafted responses to help alleviate the critical shortage of existing and newly constructed housing that is accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities in Iowa.
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    Final Project Letter for the Housing Project (.pdf) #

  • Final Project Letter for Housing Project (.doc)
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Clinic Releases Sustainability Checklists To Celebrate the ADA's 20th Anniversary

Universal Design & Green Home Survey Checklist: Design your
home to be both livable and

Contractor in hardhat reviewing blueprints.

Checklist in English (.pdf file)
Checklist in English (.doc file)
Checklist in Spanish (.pdf file)
Checklist in Spanish (.doc file)

Conduct Your Own Universal Design Survey: Plan for your current and future housing needs.

Exterior wood walls of house under construction.

Survey in English (.pdf file)
Survey in English (.doc file) Survey in Spanish (.pdf file)
Survey in Spanish (.doc file)