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Our specialty clinic offering provides law students the opportunity to partner with grassroots organizations, non-profits, businesses and public officials to solve recurring and systemic problems that cannot be adequately addressed through litigation or traditional legal methods. Law Policy and Action is an award-winning clinic program that furnishes representation, research, technical assistance and advice, legislative advocacy, workshops, awareness training and other community-based services and initiatives.

We invite you to learn more about our mission, priorities and specific projects, which are arranged by topic. Please tour the site by clicking on the bold text or the project listed to the far left of the page.

Increase mainstream housing opportunities for persons with disabilities and older Iowans and promote universal design and sustainable, multigenerational housing.

Empower people with disabilities and remove roadblocks they encounter trying to secure gainful employment, health care, housing, assistive technology, transportation and equal access to services.

Advocate with and on behalf of community groups and promote education and awareness through interactive workshops, presentations and materials in alternate formats.

Propose and press for changes to law and policy and encourage people to transcend legally-mandated minimum requirements to improve the quality of life of all Iowans.

Featured Projects & Students

Clinic Releases Sustainability Checklists To Celebrate the ADA's 20th Anniversary

Universal Design & Green Home Survey Checklist: Design your
home to be both livable and

Contractor in hardhat reviewing blueprints.

Checklist in English (.pdf file)
Checklist in English (.doc file)
Checklist in Spanish (.pdf file)
Checklist in Spanish (.doc file)

Conduct Your Own Universal Design Survey: Plan for your current and future housing needs.

Exterior wood walls of house under construction.

Survey in English (.pdf file)
Survey in English (.doc file) Survey in Spanish (.pdf file)
Survey in Spanish (.doc file)