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Violations are cumulative for the academic year beginning on Aug. 1, 2006 and continuing through July 30, 2007
The following sanctions apply to all vehicles:
Reserved for Handicap   $100
Fraudulent Use of Permit   $50
Employees Prohibited in Ramp   $25
Prohibited Zone   $25
The following sanctions apply based on the vehicle properly displaying a current student decal:
  Student Decal All Others
Reserved Area $10 $15
Restricted Permit on Campus $10 $15
Improper Display of Hangtag $5 $7
Improper Display of Decal $10 $15
Area Not Open to Parking $10 $15
Loading Zone $10 $15
Irregular Manner $10 $15
Service Vehicle Zone $10 $15
Motorcycles Prohibited $10 $15
Other Violations $10 $15
Expired Meter $5 $7
PARKING USER FEE of $7.00 will be issued if a vehicle is parked at an out-of-order or malfunctioning meter.  If the vehicle is parked long term, the User Fee may be issued once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and (when applicable) once in the evening.

Tow Policy:

Vehicles found in violation on campus may be towed per section 1.9 of the parking regulations. Anyone can be towed if they have accumulated $150.00 in tickets (paid or unpaid) between 8/1/06 to 7/30/07. If you are on the tow list, you may be towed any time you are found in violation of campus parking rules.


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