Physician’s (PH) Parking Program

Program Features

PH program is only available to Carver College of Medicine clinical department faculty

PH permit allows access to parking in Hospital Ramps 1, 3, 4, and Newton Road Ramp on a space-available basis. The permit does not allow access to the Lot 50 portion of HR1, any portion of HR 2, and does not guarantee space in any facility.

A PH permit-holder may choose which facility to utilize. The permit is valid in all four structures, allowing movement back and forth among them on a daily basis.

Permit must be paid through University payroll deduction

Pilot program will run for one year and be evaluated routinely, including for its affect upon patient parking capacity

Program is limited to 100 total PH assignments

24 of the 100 PH assignments will be retained by the College of Medicine Dean’s Office to assist with temporary parking needs associated with clinical faculty recruitment

Individuals using one of these 24 temporary assignments must be on the Lot 43 (Kinnick) waiting list

Individuals must accept assignment to Lot 43 when offered

Individuals must pay for assignments through payroll deduction

Once an individual is assigned to Lot 43 the PH permit is returned to the Dean’s Office for reassignment

Individuals may not  hold any other UI parking assignment

76 of the 100 PH permits will be allocated to clinical departments for individual assignment. The allocation is based loosely on each department’s percentage of total clinical department faculty.

Assumes departments will receive a minimum of one space

Assignments to individuals are permanent (assumes continuation of the pilot program)

Departments may assign permits based on specialty-specific need, seniority, clinical/ research responsibilities, etc.

Does not preclude faculty from placing their name on other waiting lists

Individuals must pay for assignments through payroll deduction

Unused permits in any department will be reallocated to departments where demand for permits exceeds their allocation

Allocation will be reviewed periodically

Individuals may not  hold any other UI parking assignment

Application and Assignment Procedure

Clinical Department determines faculty interest in PH Program

To qualify for a PH assignment individuals must be employed 50% time or greater by the Carver College of Medicine in a Clinical Department and hold a classification of FT, FS, FQ, FR or FV 1100, 1200 or 1300. FH 16s are excluded from eligibility in this program.

DEO assigns allocated PH permits to faculty based on Clinical unit’s criteria

Selected faculty will secure a PH application from Parking and Transportation website (application), complete and sign application and forward to DEO for signature

DEO (or designee) signs the application and forwards to the Dean’s Office (Assistant Dean for Administration).

Dean’s Office endorses application and forwards to Parking and Transportation for processing

Parking and Transportation will contact the faculty member directly to issue the PH hangtag and cancel any other parking assignments

Use of the PH Permit and Access Card

The PH proximity access card will allow 24/7 access to all four facilities, but does not guarantee space. If the ramp is full, permit-holder must enter a different facility

Permit must be displayed at all times when used within any UI parking facility. Failure to display the hangtag will result in a $30 parking violation when parked within any Hospital Ramp.

Individuals are responsible for all parking violations received

Always park in an appropriate designated parking space.

The PH permit is intended to support the designated faculty member’s clinical activity and is not transferable.


Exceptions to any of the stated criteria may be made solely by the Director of Parking and Transportation

Physician's Permit Application

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