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War Protests Around the World - March 14-15, 2003
a collection of photographs of protest demonstrations
Baghdad Snapshot Action
"Since February 2003, People have postered snapshots from Baghdad on street corners, in offices, and at schools around the world. Quiet and casual, the snapshots show a part of Baghdad we rarely see: the part with people in it."
Baring Witness
baring witness photoBeginning with 45 women in Marin County, California, this movement form words and symbols of peace with their naked bodies. " By risking with our nakedness - our charm and beauty and vulnerability - in service of peace we are exposing the flesh all humans share. We are casting off the old dominant paradigm of aggression and restoring the power of the feminine to its rightful place as the protector of life."
CodePink: Women's Pre-Emptive Strike for Peace
"We love our country, but we will never wrap ourselves in red, white and blue. Instead, we announce a Code Pink alert: signifying extreme danger to all the values of nurturing, caring, and compassion that women and loving men have held"
Konscious: Visualize: Actualize
"Konscious is dedicated to showing socially aware film/video, music and arts programming. Our non-profit website is a tool to amplify the voices of independent filmmakers and to link viewers to opportunities for activism and social change."
spoof of WWII posterMark Fiore
Flash cartoonist's gallery of satirical pieces about the US-Iraq war.
National Network to End the War Against Iraq
Photo galleries by about a dozen different people either documenting peace demonstrations or the human face of Iraq
Stage Management of the Toppling of Saddam's Statue
Photos that put the whole affair into perspective.
Stop the War Coalition (British) Gallery
Actually a collection of galleries of photos from a number of protests.
Warsajoke - Anti-War Humor
Scroll to bottom of page for several collections of cartoons. Gallery 1 - Gallery 2 - Gallery 3 - Gallery 4 - Gallery 5 - Gallery 6 - Gallery 7 - Gallery 8 - Gallery 9 - Gallery 10  
Women in Black
"Women in Black is an international peace network. Women in Black is not an organization, but a means of mobilization and a formula for action. Women in Black vigils were started in Israel in 1988 by women protesting against Israel’s Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. Women in Black has developed in countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany, England, Azerbaijan, Colombia, and in FR Yugoslavia, where women in Belgrade have stood in weekly vigils since 1991 to protest war and the Serbian regime’s policies of nationalist aggression. "
Yahoo! News Photos - Anti-War Protests
Current photos - updated daily.

From Dissent to Resistance - 17 March to 12 April, 2003
Active Resistance to the Roots of War (ARROW) - British. Also, follow links to other pictures.
Centre Media Independant Suisse Romande
Photos from May 29, 2003 demonstration in Lausanne
"Die-In" in Cardiff on the 17th of March, 2003
This material preserved for historical research purposes, and does not imply and endoresement or denial of these poilitical views on the part of the University of Iowa