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The 1996 Catalog Is Here!

New Release!THE 1996 CATALOG is now online. Check out the Fund's wide offering of policy books, find price and ordering information on any Fund publication, and browse our new and upcoming releases.

School Privatization Is No Miracle Cure

HARD LESSONS: Public Schools and Privatization, by Carol Ascher, Norm Fruchter, and Robert Berne. Privatization experiments to date fail to show either dollar savings or improved educational quality, according to this new Twentieth Century Fund Report. Press Release.

Avoiding Isolationism

WINNING THE PEACE: America and World Order in the New Era, by John Gerard Ruggie, Burgess Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at Columbia University. In this much-anticipated exploration of global politics in the post-cold war world, John Gerard Ruggie presents a compelling vision of American foreign policy into the next century. Press Release.

The Army Way

New Release -- ALL THAT WE CAN BE: Black Leadership and Racial Integration the Army Way, by Charles C. Moskos and John Sibley Butler.
Beset with racial difficulties in the 1970s, the Army made a commitment to devote the resources and do what it would take to insure there would be a large pool of qualified blacks from which to promote the next generation of leaders. With no lowering of standards, the Army embarked on a course where equal opportunity became a reality instead of the rhetoric that often substitutes for it in civilian life. In a groundbreaking study, Charles C. Moskos and John Sibley Butler, detail the journey the Army has taken, and how the lessons it learned might be applied to other areas of society.

Every American — white or black, military or civilian — who cares about building healthy race relations in our country ought to read All That We Can Be.

A New Approach to Immigration Policy

New Release -- WATCHING AMERICA'S DOOR: The Immigration Backlash and the New Policy Debate, by Roberto Suro.
Crafting immigration policy requires more than trying to turn a spigot on or off, according to Roberto Suro. It involves choices that affect the nation's future, including: the composition of the low-wage work force; how government should police work places; how, or whether, to control access to public services; and to what extent Americans are willing to give up some of their privacy in return for tougher enforcement of immigration laws. Press Release.

Ethical Behavior in State Legislatures

New Release -- DRAWING THE LINE: Legislative Ethics in the States, by Alan Rosenthal. In the 1990s, one of every three states has adopted some significant measure aimed at improving the ethical behavior of its legislators. But according to Alan Rosenthal, many of the currently fashionable changes not only won't solve the problems they are supposed to address, but could also aggravate those problems or create worse ones. Press Release

Are State Budgets Really Balanced?

New Release -- BALANCING ACTS: The Reality Behind State
Balanced Budget Requirements,
by Richard Briffault

Supporters of a federal balanced budget amendment often say Washington should follow the example set by the states. But state balanced budget requirements don't work as well as they are advertised to work. There are many loopholes and gimmicks that provide ways for budgets to be technically "in balance" but allow spending to far exceed revenue. In Balancing Acts, Richard Briffault of Columbia University Law School surveys the state experience and finds that it doesn't bolster the case for a federal amendment. Foreword. Introduction. Press Release.

Why Perot Should Be Included

LET PEROT DEBATE: An Op-Ed by James F. Hoge, Jr., editor of Foreign Affairs and chair of the Twentieth Century Fund Task Force on Presidential Debates, and Anthony J. Corrado, associate professor of government at Colby College in Waterville, Maine, and the Task Force executive director.

New Federalist Papers

The first two installments of the New Federalist Papers are now online!

NATO Expansion Jeopardizes Peace

Europe is freer from the chance of major war than at any time in history, and expanding NATO to include Central European countries would actually make Europe less secure, according to a new Twentieth Century Fund book by Michael Mandelbaum, the Christian A. Herter Professor of American Foreign Policy at The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies of The John Hopkins University and director of the Project on East-West Relations at the Council on Foreign Relations. Press Release

A highly original and provocative book.

-- Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times

The Basics

SOCIAL SECURITY - the latest pamphlet in the informative Twentieth Century Fund "Guide to the issues: The Basics" series. The series cuts through the hype and political posturing on major debates of the day so you can decide for yourself. Also, included in the series are the basics on Medicaid, Medicare, andWelfare. To order any of "The Basics" pamphlets.

Gets beyond the bunk and presents pure, unadulterated info on the issues...It's all presented in language that makes sense,and is accompanied by relevant charts and graphs.

-- Mother Jones magazine

These easy-to-read guides provide just the facts -- the pros and cons, the strengths and weaknesses of each political argument. What they don't do is take sides or draw conclusions from the facts -- these nonpartisan pamphlets leave that to the reader.

-- Management Review

Twentieth Century Fund Task Force: Intelligence Community Not Fulfilling Its Mission

New Release -- IN FROM THE COLD: The Twentieth Century Fund
Task Force Report on the Future of U.S. Intelligence

Task Force Members | Press Release

U.S. intelligence agencies need to strike a more equitable balance between military and civilian needs, according to the Fund's bipartisan task force. The task force, chaired by former Ambassador Stephen Bosworth, found that the militarization of intelligence since the end of the Cold War has caused the intelligence community to miss countless developments of national importance.

Task Force Finds $120 Billion "Training Gap"

New Release -- NO ONE LEFT BEHIND: The Twentieth Century Fund
Task Force Report on Retraining America's Workforce (with background paper by Carl Van Horn, Rutgers University)
Recommendations | Task Force Members | Press Release
The Fund's bipartisan task force -- led by former New Jersey Governor Jim Florio and made up of a broad spectrum of representatives from business, labor, government and academia -- estimates that there is currently a "training gap" of $120 billion, and recommends a major new strategy that combines new tax breaks, loan guarantees and reforms in unemployment insurance for a national worker retraining effort. This effort emphasizes lifelong learning that continuously enhances the skills and knowledge of all workers.

Charity Is No Replacement for Government Programs

"WHAT CHARITY CAN AND CANNOT DO," a close look at the burdens that would be placed on charities if the Contract With America and other proposals by supporters of a government pullback come to pass, by Julian Wolpert. [PRESS RELEASE]

An Op-Ed by Twentieth Century Fund President Richard C. Leone:
"Rid of All of It?"
Burn the Credit Cards! Reprogram the Advertisers!
Pay As You Go ­ The New National Creed.

"U.S. Voters Will Someday Reject Tax Cut Policy,"
an op-ed by the Fund's vice president Jon Shure.

"Don't Worry, Generation X". (Washington Post, May 2, 1996)
Why the demographic nightmare of the twentysomethings isn't likely to come true,
an op-ed by Richard C. Leone

Welfare isn't the Problem; It's the Welfare Debate,
an op-ed by Jon Shure.

The Gingrich Revolution--"To Violate Natural Right",
an op-ed by Fund Trustee Brewster C. Denny

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