Welfare Reform -- A Twentieth Century Fund Guide to the Issues

America is engaged in difficult and complex policy debates over critical issues. There are conflicting claims and disagreements over the meaning of the facts and figures relating to health care, poverty, tax reform, Social Security, and block grants. The Twentieth Century Fund hopes to help clarify these issues by collecting the best available information and presenting it in a series of pamphlets called "The Basics."

The intent of this series is in keeping with the Fund's mandate. Since 1919, the Twentieth Century Fund has sponsored and supervised research on economic, social, and political issues. As a nonpartisan, but not neutral organization, our underlying philosophy regards government as an instrument, not an enemy, of the people, and therefore we strive, in the words of our bylaws, for the "improvement of economic, industrial, civic, cultural, and educational conditions."

The Twentieth Century Fund also believes in the power of well-reasoned, well-researched ideas. These pamphlets are presented in that spirit. They are the Fund's contribution to increased citizen understanding and wiser governmental decisions.

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Preferred Citation:The Twentieth Century Fund, Welfare Reform: A Twentieth Century Fund Guide to the Issues (New York: Twentieth Century Fund Press, 1995 [http://epn.org/tcf/tcwelf.html]). To order this pamphlet or any in "The Basics" series please contact us at the Twentieth Century Fund - 41 East 70th Street, New York, NY 10022. Tel. (212)535-4441, or by e-mail xxthfund@ix.netcom.com

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