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    "Candidates without ideas hiring consultants without convictions to run campaigns without content."

    President Gerald Ford, June 1999

    Texas Rankings Under Bush: Do you
    Want Some of This?
    AUSTIN, TEXAS -- A look at Texas under Bush:           National Ranking
    Among 50 States
    The Education Governor of Texas
    Teacher salaries at beginning of 1st term 
    Teacher salaries at beginning of 2nd term
    % Change in Average Salaries 1989-99 constant $
    Teacher salaries plus benefits
    High school completion rate
    SAT scores - 1996  combined math & verbal:  995    44 (13)
    SAT scores - 1997  combined math & verbal:  995    45 (13)
    SAT scores - 1998  combined math & verbal:  995    44 (13)
    Bush Family Values in Texas
    Highest number of children living in poverty 
    Highest number of children without health insurance
    Highest % of children without health insurance
    Highest % of poor working parents without insurance
    Highest % of population without health insurance
    Highest number of people stripped of Medicare benefits     1 (10)
    Highest teen birth rate
    Per capita funding for public health
    Delivery of social services
    Mothers receiving prenatal care    45 (9)
    Child support collections    45 (3)
    Number of executions    1 (11)
    Teen smoking   - down nationally, flat in Texas (5)
    Teen drug use   - down nationally, up 30% in Texas w/ Bush (5)
    Pollution in Texas
    Pollution released by manufacturing plants
    Pollution by industrial plants in violation of Clean Air Act 
    Greenhouse gas emissions
    Quality of Life in Texas
    Spending for parks and recreation
    Spending for the arts
    Public libraries and branches
    Spending for the environment
    Best place to raise children
    Affordable Housing    48 (12)
    Home ownership    44 (2)
    Highest homes insurance rates in the nation     1 (11)
    Spending for police protection    47 (12)

    Sources: (1) National Education Agency, Rankings & Estimates: Rankings of the States 1999 (2) U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Research and Development (3) U.S. Bureau of Census, Current Populations Trends (4) U.S. Dept Health and Human Services, National Center for Health Statistics (5)1998 Texas School Survey of Substance Use Among Students: Grades 7-12, Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (6) U.S. EPA, Office of Pollution and Prevention (7) Texas Observer (8) Statistical Rankings by State (9) Children's Rights Council  (10) Families USA 
    (11) National Association of Insurance Commissioners
    (12) U.S. Bureau of Census, State Government Finances 1998  (13) College Examination Board

    Teen Drug Use Soars 30% Under Bush
    AUSTIN, TEXAS -- George W. Bush preaches personal responsibility to the school children of Texas but they can't hear him. The Texas Commission on Alchohol and Drug Abuse conducted the sixth statewide school survey of drug and alcohol use among in-school youths. The findings for grades 7 through 12:
    1994 1996 1998
    Ever Used Any Illicit Drug
    Ever Used Inhalants
    Ever Used Marijuana
    Ever Used Cocaine/Crack
    Ever Used Hallucinogens
    Ever Used Uppers
    Ever Used Downers
    Ever Used Alcohol
    Ever Used Tobacco

    While Governor Bush is running around the United States trying to become President,  the children of Texas are drunk, stoned, and clearly in trouble.  Texas ranks 48th in public health spending per capita.  What are the Governor's priorities? 

    Governor Bush needs a lesson in cause and effect:  Only 65% of Texas Secondary students said that had gotten any information on drugs or alchohol from any school source which is down from 79% when he took office in 1994.


    Sources: 1998 Texas School Survey of Substance Use Among Students: Grades 7-12, Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse in conjunction with the Public Policy Institue at Texas A&MUniversity, Appendix A & B.   U.S. Dept Health and Human Services, National Center for Health Statistics 

    42% of Texas High School Students Dropout 
    AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Two out of every five students who enter a Texas public high school never receive a diploma and over half of those who are lost are Hispanic.  Yet, Bush has no shame in calling himself the "Education Governor".   The dropout rate has increased by 9 percentage points since1985-1986 and 152,000 students dropped out during Bush's first term alone. The loss of human potential is both staggering and tragic but not a word on Texas' greatest problem from  Education Governor Bush.  For the complete story, read the San Antonio Express-News article from October 30, 1999 or the annual study by the Intercultural Development Research Association.

    Insider Trading and George W. Bush
    A U S T I N, July 1-- The Securities and Exchange Commission defines insider trading as "Corporate officers, directors, and employees who traded the corporation's securities after learning of significant, confidential corporate developments".  Bush sold $848,560 worth of Harken Energy stock on June 22, 1990, just one week before the company posted spectacular losses and the stock plunged sharply.   When the losses were reported to the public on August 20, 1990, the stock plummeted. 

    According to documents from a two year investigation by the SEC, Bush served on the board of directors of Harken Energy Corporation and his position on a special Harken committee gave him detailed knowledge of the company's deteriorating financial condition.  The SEC received word of Bush's trade ten months late

    The SEC states, "Because insider trading undermines investor confidence in the fairness and integrity of the securities markets, the Commission has treated the detection and prosecution of insider trading violations as one of its enforcement priorities". 

    Bush supporters point out that the stock's value went back up, eventually, and if Bush had held the stock, it would have made him more money.   But, knowing when to sell is the golden goose of stock trading and using inside information is insider trading. The SEC investigated but decided not to punish Bush.  After all, his dad was President and all five SEC Commissioners are appointed by the President.  Furthermore, the SEC's general counsel had actually represented George W. in the Texas Rangers negotiation as reported in Rolling Stone magazine's August 5, 1999 issue.  Any doubts? 

    For the complete story, read the US News and World Report story from March 16, 1992. 

    Bush's Home Run: A Critical Look at the Governor's Baseball Deal
    AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Baseball made George W. Bush rich. And yet, few media outlets have scrutinized how Bush and his cronies bought the Texas Rangers, convinced Arlington to pay for and build a stadium, told the city how much to pay for the land it condemned, refused to pay their debts to the city, and later, cashed out when media titan Thomas Hicks bought the team for $250 million. 

    How the Son of the Vice President Bought a Team
    ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- It's not what you know, it's who you know. And that adage was proven yetagain when George W. Bush parlayed his relationship with baseball commissioner Peter Ueberroth into an ownership stake in the Texas Rangers. 

    Private Property Rights, Bush, and Hypocrisy
    ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- Seizing the property of others for a private profit baseball stadium is hardly the conservative ideal espoused by most in Bush's party.  But ideals take a back seat and hypocrisy is easily rationalized when great sums of money are at stake.  Take the case of Curtis Mathes. 

    Governor Deadbeat
    ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- Governor George W. Bush and the other owners of the Texas Rangers refused to pay the City of Arlington $7.5 million. 

    Hicks Buys Team and a Dream of a Real Estate Deal
    ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- Tom Hicks didn't just buy a baseball team. He bought a real estate deal and a presidential contender. And George W. knew the deal was about the land from the beginning. 

    Trying to Get a Straight Answer - the $1.7 Billion Tax Cut
    AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Bush needed a tax cut to take on his presidential road show.  It didn't matter that nobody in Texas had asked for a tax cut.   "I have not had a single call from somebody saying 'I want you to cut my property taxes.' Not a one," Representative Toby Goodman, R-Arlington, commented in May 1999. Recent public opinion polls show that Texans favor,  by a greater than 10-to-1 margin, the state surplus being spent on schools and teachers. 

    Myth of the Education Governor
    AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Teacher pay during the first Bush term fell from 36th to 38th in national rankings. Overall teachers compensation fell to 51st. All this while Texas has been awash in funds from a strong economy. 

    "Texas had a real chance to bring teachers' salaries to the national average," stated Louis Malfaro of the Texas Federation of Teachers, "but George Bush was the spoiler. He was more interested in looking good for the presidential race and needed the money so he could boast about a tax cut." But nobody asked for a tax cut. 

    Malfaro pointed out that in recent public opinion polls, Texans favor, by a greater than 10-to-1 margin, the state surplus being spent on schools and teachers, not on so-called "tax relief". Bush is clearly playing to a national audience as evidenced by a fundraising letter published in the Texas Observer on May 13th. "Bush's self-serving effort to boost his own political stature fails to take into account what the public favors - more money for education," wrote Malfaro in the Spring 1999 issue of TeacherAdvocate

    "One can't look at his legacy and say, "He's the education governor," said Association of Texas Professional Educators spokesman Larry Comer to the Austin Chronicle on May 28th. "I don't think he'll be remembered for that at all." 

    Texas student scores on the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS) tests have been increasing since 1993, when former Governor Ann Richards instituted a unique accountability system for schools. "In a relatively short period of time, the whole culture of education has changed in Texas," said Prof. Richard F. Elmore of the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University to the New York Times on May 28th. 


    Bush Avoids Property Taxes on Exclusive Vacation Home Using Tax Loophole for Rich
    A T H E N S, TEXAS, July 1-- Texans pay huge tax bills every year on their real estate to support their local school districts.  But not George W. Bush.  Bush, along with the former owners of the Dallas Cowboys and 12 other privileged Texans, share a 1,200 acre recreational wonderland complete with 15 lake homes, two private lakes - Rainbo Lake and Alder Lake, and a landing strip for private jets just an hour south of Dallas. 

    What do you think the land is worth?  $217 an acre? That's the tax value after the loophole. Sound like a steal?  It's business as usual for Bush who relies on the taxpayer to subsidize his business and his personal life. 

    Bush takes advantage of a seldom used loophole in the Texas Statutes, Subchapter F, Section 23.81, whose original purpose was to preserve open space in Houston according to former Texas House Speaker Gib Lewis who sponsored the 1977 law. Take a look at the taxing authority's value of one of the 22 parcels that comprise the Rainbo Club. Adjacent parcels are valued at least 4 times higher.

    Who picks up the slack?  The  rest of us.  Do you have a special tax break on your property?  Are you rich and powerful enough to qualify? Bush claims to be  the education governor - as long as someone else foots the bill.

    Read the AP story, Bush uses tax law to cut costs of lakeside retreat.


    Lack of Ethics Means Politics as Usual for Bush
    AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Texas law prohibits a sitting governor from taking campaign contributions during the legislative session in order to prevent corruption. But that is precisely what Bush did. He accepted $300,000 in two months from Texas chemical and utility interests who brought legislation to Bush to be passed.

    How could he accept this money?  Because they gave to his presidential exploration committee instead.   Bush then pressed for "voluntary compliance" to pollution laws on their behalf. Companies that discharge 984,000 tons per year of EPA-regulated "criteria" air pollutants, which impose human and environmental costs, and smog-forming nitrogen oxides (NOx) equivalent to the emissions spewed by 18.4 million cars (twice the number of cars licensed in Texas), into the Texas skies under an exemption to the Clean Air Act championed by his father. 

    Former President Bush signed amendments to the Clean Air Act in 1990 stating "American heritage is precious. We will not turn our backs or look the other way."  His son did for $300,000.

    What do others say about Bush and the Environment?

    Bush Weak in Foreign Policy
    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Brent Scowcroft, the national security advisor to President Bush, said that the younger Bush clearly lacks international credentials as reported to the Boston Globe April 5th. "Is he comfortable with foreign policy? I would say not." Scowcroft said.  The governor's main experience "was being around when his father was in his many positions."

    Unlike United States Senators and Representatives who spend years analyzing and voting on foreign policy issues, state governors spend their time at home.   Does Bush have the brain power to learn on the job?

    Not according to former GOP Texas State Chairman Tom Pauken who held the post from 1994 to 1998. Pauken says he has "real concerns" about a Bush presidency - "It's critical we have someone with the intellect to handle the job.  It's one thing to be a governor in a state where Lieutenant Governor Bob Bullock had most of the power; but it's a totally different thing to be President." Pauken mocked Bush as a "me-too Republican".

    Bush acknowledged he is weak in foreign policy.  "This is a big world and I've got a lot to learn," he stated June 22nd.  Bush is being tutored by various advisors so he won't continue to refer to Greeks as Grecians or confuse Slovenia with Slovakia.

    Compassionate Conservative Bush Fights to Keep 228,000 Texas Children Off Insurance Protection
    AUSTIN, TX -- "You crammed it down my throat" said Bush to Representative Glen Maxey.  Maxey forced Bush to accept 228,000 children to the federal/state Children's Health Insurance Program - the CHIP.  Why did Bush balk at a program enthusiastically joined by fellow Republican Governors including his brother Jeb Bush in Florida, Engler in Michigan, and Christine Whitman in New Jersey?  Bush needed money for his politically motivated tax cut  and those children were in his way. 

    Bush Sold Tax Shelters to Father's Rich Friends
    MIDLAND, TEXAS -- A man has to make a living somehow.  George Bush chose to peddle tax sheltered oil deals to his father's rich friends and connections.  Why keep giving money to a promoter who can only get you $.45 back for every $1.00 dollar invested? Because his dad is Vice President. 

    "His name was George Bush.  That was worth the money they paid him," says Harken founder Phil Kendrick when Bush was made a director at Harken Energy in 1986 and given an angelic deal. 

    Taking Care of Business
    The New Republic, Aug. 16, 1999 - Behind the mask of compassion he has donned for this campaign, he is a die-hard conservative on the issues that have historically been among the most important to American voters--those that pit the interests of business against those of ordinary people in their roles as workers and consumers. 

    Bush's Money 

    "I'm all name and no money"- George W. Bush, 1986

    "I think when it is all said and done, I will have made more money than I ever dreamed I would make," - George W. Bush, 1998, commenting his $15 million gain from the sale of the tax-subsidized Texas Rangers

      Family Value$
      Mother Jones, Oct. 1992 - The inside story of how three of the Bush boys built private fortunes by trading on their father's name, running with con men, lining their own pockets, and leaving financial ruin in their wake. 
      The Bush Family Preys Together
      Covert Action Quarterly - "This is an incredible deal, unbelievable for this small company," energy analyst Charles Strain told Forbes magazine.  Strain failed to point out, however, the one fact that puts the Harken deal in focus: George Bush, Jr., the eldest son of George and Barbara Bush, is a member of Harken's board of directors, a consultant, and a stockholder in the Texas-based company.  In light of this connection, the deal makes more sense. 
      George W. Bush - The Dark Side
      Bush Jr. has made a lot of money off of three business deals. In each one, his contribution is hard to perceive, yet he walked off with hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in deals arranged by his father's political cronies.
      The Governor's Sweetheart Deal
      Texas Observer, Jan. 30, 1998 - Governor George W. Bush and the other owners of the Texas Rangers are deadbeats. Rich deadbeats, but deadbeats nevertheless. 
      Bush as Businessman
      CNN, May 13, 1999 -Bush's track record: Investors got back only 45 cents on the dollar, but few complained. Investors also got tax deductions averaging more than 80 cents on every dollar invested. 

    Bush's Business Partners
      Business associates profit during Bush's term as governor
      Houston Chronicle -One man in particular who is largely responsible for Bush's wealth, Fort Worth billionaire Richard Rainwater, controls companies that have received millions of dollars worth of favorable actions from the state of Texas. 
      Bush's Business Partners Benefit from State Business
      As Texas Gov. George W. Bush developed the group to buy the Texas Rangers baseball club for $86 million in 1989, he began an association with the businessmen who would figure in many other deals. 
      Richard Rainwater, the Man Behind Bush
      Jim Hightower -For more than a decade, George W. Bush has not made a move without consulting The Man and I don't mean his father. 
      Tax plan would help top Bush contributor
      Houston Chronicle -The tax reform bill supported by Gov. George W. Bush would save at least $2.5 million in school property taxes for a company founded by Bush 's billionaire business partner and top campaign contributor, Richard Rainwater of Fort Worth. 
      Rainwater: Tax Plan Would Save Millions for Bush Partner
      A school tax overhaul pending in the House - and supported by Gov. George W. Bush - would save the governor's billionaire business partner at least $2.5 million in property taxes. 
      Downloading The Bush Files
      Texas Observer - Nov., 1998 - As we approach the holiday season, Governor George W. Bush has a lot to be thankful for. 
      Building's sale to Bush's partners loses millions for teachers' fund
      Corpus Christi Caller Times - The pension fund for Texas teachers lost $44 million in 1996 with the sale of an Austin office building to a firm run by three business partners of Gov. George W. Bush.  A spokesman says the governor had no knowledge of the investment. 

    Bush on Pollution

    Karl Rove: The Man Behind The Bush

    "Karl Rove is the Republican Party in Texas." - Political consultant Mark McKinnon

    Bush Fundraising

    Other Bush News Clips

    The Bush Watch - The most comprehensive website there is on George W., all the latest news. 
    Center for Responsive Politics Profile - you can view and search Bush's campaign contribution databases for Gubernatorial or Presidential campaigns.
    The Bush Files - from the  Pages of the Texas Observer
    Jim Hightower - Populist radio host Hightower has 50 odd reports on George W.  Just search for "Bush," or better yet, for "Shrub."
    George W. Bush Presidential Exploratory Committee - see if you can spot all the American flags. - a rather different exploratory committee. is rather offended by George W.'s attempts to silence his critics.
    Unofficial Bush Campaign Headquarters - Another site trying not to be silenced. 
    Information on Bush (and other politicians) for the New Hampshire primary

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    Preview of a Bush White House & Republican Majority - Bush, Trent Lott & Tom DeLay

    One doctrine of which Bush is certain is that heaven is only open to those who accept Jesus Christ. - Houston Post
                October 2, 1994

    George skips year of National Guard. AWOL


    "I will do everything in my power to restrict abortions."
             George W. Bush,
           Dallas Morning News
           October 22, 1994

    "I saw the report that children in Texas are going hungry.  Where?  You'd think the governor would have heard if there are pockets of hunger in Texas."
            George W. Bush
          whose state ranks 2nd
          in total number of 
         children living in poverty
         to Austin American
         Statesman, 12/18/99 

    " Please," Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, "don't kill me."

      Bush mocking what Karla Faye Tucker said on Larry King when asked, "What would you say to Governor Bush?" prior to her execution by lethal injection as reported by Talk magazine, September 1999 
    "An atmosphere of adolescence, a lack of gravitas - a carelessness, even a recklessness, perhaps born of things having gone a bit too easily so far."
      George Will, August 11, 1999, referring to Talk magazine's interview with Bush.
    "Sitting down and reading a 500-page book on public policy or philosophy or something."
      Bush was asked to name something he isn't good at by Talk magazine, September 1999 issue.
    "Bush should not advertise any allergy to serious things.  A critical mass of lightness in a candidate causes the public mind to snap closed, with the judgement, "Not ready for prime time."
      George Will, August 11, 1999
    "Bush is taking a political party on his ride.  He and it will care if on Nov. 7, 2000, people think of Gore or Bradley as an unexciting but serious professor and of him as an amiable fraternity boy, but a boy."
      George Will, August 11, 1999
    "What I'm against is quotas.  I'm against hard quotas, quotas that basically delineate based upon whatever.   However they delineate, quotas, I think, vulcanize society."
      George W. Bush (Austin American-Statesman 3/23/99)
    "Son, I love your strategy: Don't let them get to know you."
      Barbara Bush
    "If George is elected President, it would destroy my faith in the office because he is such an ordinary guy."
      David Rosen, Midland geologist & former neighbor
     "He's this week's pet rock."
    "There ought to be limits to freedom.  We're aware of the site, and this guy is just a garbage man." "It's not the governor's role to decide who goes to heaven. I believe that God decides who goes to heaven, not George W Bush."
      George W. Bush
    "The Bush network is the only genuine network in the Republican Party. It is the Establishment."
      Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard
    ''I don't know if I'd say he's been missing in action, but it's been pretty close to that.''
      Rep. Kevin Bailey, D-Houston, commenting on Bush's trying to be both Governor and candidate
    "I will look at each piece of legislation when it makes it to my desk," and "I will review that when it makes it to my desk."
      Bush, refusing to comment on anything before it's absolutely unavoidable.

    Bush courts Hispanic voters
    "Reporters noticed four Latino men sitting at the Plaza, looking bored, wearing matching shirts from Buena Vista Farms. Buena Vista, it turns out, is a horse ranch run by Gerald Parsky, Bush's California chairman. The four men said they were brought to the event and were being paid their regular wages for attending."

      Salon Magazine reporting on a Bush fundraiser in California

    Leadership in the new millennium
    Asked how he would define "compassionate conservatism," Bush replied: "Making sure every child can read, making sure that we encourage faith-based organizations ... when it comes to helping neighbors in need, making sure that our neighborhoods are safe, making sure that the state of Texas recognizes that people from all walks of life have got a shot at the Texas dream but, most importantly, making sure that government is not the answer to people's problems."
    This may be the only time a candidate promised not to solve any problems (with the possible exception of Utah Phillips, who ran on the "Sloth & Indolence" platform.)

    This website does not advocate the support or defeat of any candidate for any office and is not connected in any way to any political campaign. This website is for issue advocacy only and not election advocacy.  If we had said, "Don't Vote for Bush," we would have had to file quarterly reports with the Federal Election Commmission and we don't care for the paperwork.  Actions Speak Louder Than Words, P.O. Box 684155, Austin, TX 78768-4155

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