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Winter 2010

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News briefs

Equipment Rental to close
Variable data printing, mailing classes scheduled
Oakdale bus route renamed UI Research Park
Printing & Mailing still taking calendar orders


General news

IT group booming in Business Services
Call me! for a Storefront, VDP consultation
Early retirements continue

General Stores

Get organized with catalog, calendars, phone books from General Stores
Training for General Stores PReq orders available

Laundry Service

Working on the Edge at Laundry Service

Mailing Services

Business reply mail barcode changing
Mailers, be aware of new tabbing requirements
Weather can disrupt mail schedules
Character Counts: Meet Shanda Jones

Parking and Transportation

Parked on campus? Need a jump start? Call P&T.
Parking sets policy for van pool substitute riders
Parking and Transportation offers new option for temporary parking in Hancher lot
Get the word out with Cambus posters
New shelters installed for Cambus riders
Smooth moves during a slick season

Printing Services

Users added gradually to StoreFront database
Just doing our job.... props to our Digital Imaging Group


Surplus plans move to Mossman Building

We like feedback

Send story ideas, address corrections, additions, e-mail
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The University of Iowa Nondiscrimination Statement


Equipment Rental to close

Equipment Rental service will close on June 30. At this time, the service is not making any new equipment purchases. However, equipment on hand remains available for rental through June 30. Staff will contact departments that are now renting equipment on a recurring basis to determine how to close the accounts. These rentals may continue beyond the close-out date of June 30, depending on the life of the agreement. The University’s Equipment Purchase Program continues to be available as a method to help departments finance equipment purchases. Please contact Cathy Hagen at 335-0130 for more information regarding this service.

Variable data printing, mailing classes scheduled

Printing and Mailing Services’ Kathy Battin will hold classes on variable data printing and mailing in April. The class covers why and how to personalize your printed material for your audience. The classes all take place from 11 a.m. to noon and are scheduled for April 20, 21, and 27. Register online through the employee self-service website at; look for class #500.

Oakdale bus route renamed UI Research Park

Because the UI Oakdale campus has been renamed The University of Iowa Research Park, the name of the Cambus Oakdale route has been changed to UI Research Park. The route itself has not changed. The buses display UI Research Park on the destination sign and Oakdale in the front window. Passes are still required to board at stops on Holiday Road and 12th Avenue in Coralville. If you have questions call 335-8633.

Printing & Mailing still taking calendar orders

Printing and Mailing Services still has 2010 calendars left. They are available in all three sizes—20x28, 4.25x11, and 14x1.25 inches. Order on line or send a request to Calendars, 139 MBSB. Provide your name, department, and campus mailing address, and specify the number of calendars you want in each size. There is no charge for the calendars.


from our typo treasure chest

How many pages do we half?


IT group booming in Business Services

The Business Services information technology group, not quite two years old, has a pretty big task—serve more than 200 staff and 300 student employees in Printing, Mailing, Copy Centers, Cambus, Commuter Services, Parking Services, General Stores, Surplus, Gas Cylinders, Equipment Rental, and Laundry. Extrapolate this to imagine how many UI students, faculty, staff, patients, visitors, and more benefit from their services. A lot.

The IT group began with two full-time employees and has rapidly grown. Comprised of manager Dagong Wang; staff members Terrell Hunter, Valerij Petrulevich, and Jinping Gu; and three student employees, it has taken on several major projects and has even more in the wings. They include:

Printing and Mailing customers are beginning to order print jobs with a few clicks on their computer. They log in to the website, select what they want printed, type the information into the template, preview and proof the job, and order it printed. The approver can see the order as well. (See related story below.)

StoreFront also ties into variable data printing: Printing staff create a template, the customer uploads a data file, and the job is printed. Soon the system will tie in with UI Workflow and Hawk ID, so requisitions and the accompanying approvals won’t be necessary.

Replacement systems for ITS mainframe
The group is developing systems and simplified processes for Gas Cylinders and General Stores; as these are finished, it will do the same for other departments. The new systems will function much like StoreFront—they will tie in with Workflow, and customers will order online. To facilitate this, the group is developing a tool kit to help systems integrate more easily with Workflow.

Management Information Systems
The IT group is implementing a system for Parking and Transportation that manages permits and citations, automating what are now manual processes. It will tie into other UI systems such as payroll deduction, billing, and the University directory.

Printing is replacing three internal management systems with a new, single system that makes estimates, schedules and tracks jobs, and tracks costs. It, too, will tie into StoreFront.

Commuter Services will have a system for the van pool program to manage the data on each van pool, including driver information, routing, capacity, members, and waiting list—all done manually now. Maintenance and service information will be included later.

A new garment-tracking system for the Laundry Service, with a goal of streamlining the process, is in the conceptual stage. It could include a touch-screen barcode scanner and the capacity to help sort garments for delivery.

Cambus installed digital video cameras on each bus this year; the IT group established the process and system for transmitting the data from the buses to a server.

Then, ho-hum, there’s the day-to-day stuff of equipment installation, maintenance, upkeep, and upgrades for Printing, Mailing, and Copy Centers: computers, printers, scanners, and what-have-you. That really keeps them on their toes.

Despite the scope of its responsibilities, the group remains approachable, accessible, quick to respond, and eager to take on more. Couldn’t get any better than that!

Call me!

Kathy Battin has been visiting departments to introduce them to StoreFront and variable data printing. She is available for one-on-one or group consultation. “I’ll go anywhere, anytime, for anybody!” she says. Contact her to schedule a presentation or meeting.

Early retirements continue

Business Services employees who retired this winter were Judy Hemmen, Parking & Transportation, and Ed Allgood, Equipment Rental. Hemmen had been with the University for sixteen years, Allgood for twenty-six. We wish them all the best.

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Get organized with catalog, calendars, phone books from General Stores

It’s that time of year again: the updated and revised office supply catalog, events calendar, and telephone books are all in stock at General Stores. Items now available include:

UI events calendar: The University of Iowa events desk calendars are available through General Stores on PReqs. The stock number is 1000393 and the cost is 95 cents each.

UI directory: University directories (herd books) are available through General Stores. The stock number is 1000386 and the cost is $3.60 each.

Dex telephone book: Phone books are not ordered on line. Please use a Stores or a University requisition form. Since there is no stock number and no charge for the directories, make certain to complete the delivery address information and the quantity needed. Please fax your order to 384-3918.

OfficeMax catalog: The 2010 OfficeMax catalogs are now available. Please begin using these catalogs upon receipt. Some catalog numbers and primary vendors have changed. To order a catalog, email your name, department name, campus delivery address, and the number of catalogs you need to may not need an office supply catalog this year, as all OfficeMax orders are placed over the web. There are thousands of items on the OfficeMax website that are not shown in the catalog. Please consider this opportunity to be green by ordering fewer catalogs.   —Gary Anderson

Training for General Stores PReq orders available

Want to know how to order from General Stores on PReqs? Gary Anderson from General Stores and Chris Leichty from Purchasing and Accounts Payable continue to offer training sessions for the new General Stores/PReq application. The classes are scheduled for March 11, April 13, and May 12. Register online through the employee self-service website at; look for class #493.   —Gary Anderson

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Working on the Edge at Laundry Service

Late last fall, Laundry manager Dave Gray knew how advantageous a mechanized spreader-feeder for sheets and blankets could be when he introduced laundry production employees to their new best friend, the Edge®, manufactured by Chicago Dryer Company.

Imagine a new best friend (BF) who is six-and-a-half-feet tall and the width of three refrigerators. He is big, but treat him right and you will be rewarded, says Gray. He’ll make your job easier! Oh, and by the way, your new BF is so fast that he only needs two people to help.

Your new BF stands there with a mechanical chin and a very large tongue sticking out. You stand on one side of that big ol’ tongue and your coworker on the other side. You center the edge of a damp sheet on it. Whoosh! In a flash, your new BF sucks the sheet in and swallows it. Just as quickly, his tiny arms swing in, grab the top corners by the edge, and stretch the sheet out as if to hang it up. He blows a 100-pound-per-square-inch poof of air into the sheet sending it into rollers behind him, which move it into the ironer to be pressed and then onto a folder to be packaged. Whoosh, poof: down the robotic digestive canal the sheets go at a speedy 125 feet of linen per minute.

No more constant bending, pulling, tugging, and lifting your arms shoulder high hundreds of time a day to place sheets in a flatwork ironing system, says Gray. You and your new BF working together make the task easier. Your new BF is fast, accurate, and rarely takes time off!   —Jo Anne Worley

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Business reply mail barcode changing

The U.S. Postal Service is phasing in another change in business reply mail regulations: a new coding system termed intelligent mail barcode (IMB). The IMB holds more information than the older barcodes and provides improved speed and accuracy in getting mailpieces to the correct destination. It will be required for all business reply mail beginning May 2011.

The IMB combines features from the two barcode systems currently used. There are more digits so it has a greater data capacity, even though it occupies just one line—compared to as many as four lines of barcode and alphanumerics in the current systems. The new barcode assigned to the University of Iowa contains an identifier specific to it, as well as a more complete digital representation of the delivery address.

Every barcode on all business reply mail must be replaced before the 2011 deadline: any such mail in circulation after that may not be returned to the mailer. Mailing Services is working to make the change transparent for its customers by replacing old bar codes with the IMB on reorders and using it on new ones. However, departments that have business reply mail pieces in stock that display the old barcode should use or reprint them well before May 2011 to be sure their reply rate will not be affected.

Mailers: be aware of new tabbing requirements

The U.S. Postal Service requires booklets and self mailers to be sealed with three, 1.5-inch, non-perforated tabs (see illustration for positioning). Non-compliant mailpieces will be charged higher postage rates. To keep costs down, it may be necessary to use envelopes or redesign the mailpiece as a flat. Contact Kathy Battin with questions or to schedule a consultation for your department.

This regulation took effect in Fall 2009. The information here is from an article that appeared in that issue of Into Print. We are including it again because of the significant impact it has had and will have on departments and organizations that conduct large mailings.

Weather can disrupt mail schedules

Campus Mail pick-up and delivery schedules can be unpredictable during inclement weather, even though we make all reasonable attempts to adhere to them—we appreciate your understanding! Please call 384-3800 or 384-3802 with questions.

Character Counts: Meet Shanda Jones

“I fix address files for nonprofit mailings and variable data printing. There has to be a certain order for every field to go through AccuZIP,” says Shanda Jones of her job in Mailing Services.

“I pull out any bad addresses, any with missing information.” She may need to combine the first and last names in a file into one field instead of two, for example. Or rearrange the city, state, and zip code into the right order. Do any perfect address files come in? “There are a few!” she says. Then she sends the files through AccuZIP, a system which removes bad addresses, automatically updates addresses of recipients who have moved, and puts everything in postal order. The bad and updated addresses are returned to mailers so they can update their files.

Shanda also processes Alumni Association packets for new and renewing members: she receives a list of names every week, orders the packets from Printing Services through StoreFront, and mails them. A similar project is a mailing that Endodontics, in the College of Dentistry, sends to patients.

“Sometimes I run the videojet, sometimes I meter, sometimes I stuff envelopes. Paperwork. Whatever needs to be done, I do!” she says.

Shanda grew up in Andalusia, Illinois, near the Quad Cities; now she and her husband, Jonathan, live in North Liberty. His daughter, Madaline, spends weekends with them.

“We love to go camping in the summer. Last year it was Sugar Bottom,” she says. A few years ago, she adds, “we spent a week in the Black Hills. It was gorgeous. We met another couple there and camped with them.” They still keep in touch.

Movies are another interest: “I’m a sci-fi geek—I got really excited about Star Trek, and my husband is a Star Wars fan,” she says. “We went to TrekFest [in Riverside] last year for the first time. We saw the parade, and there were a couple of stars from the original show. That was fun. Lots of people dressed up, as both Star Trek and Star Wars characters. There were people selling both kinds of collectibles; my husband was really excited!”

“I love it here. I like that I get to do different things. I love the people I work with. Everyone I’ve met here has been so friendly. It’s a good atmosphere.”

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Parked on campus? Need a jump start? Call P&T.

The Parking and Transportation Department is offering a new service—battery jump starts for employees, students, and campus visitors who are parked on the UI main campus. This service is offered year-round, on an as-available basis, during the following days and times: Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. The service will not be available during official University holidays.

If someone’s vehicle battery is dead he or she can call 335-8312 for a jump start. The dispatcher answering the phone will ask for details and contact information and then provide an estimated time that staff will arrive. We ask that people wait by their vehicle with the hood raised to help parking staff more easily locate the vehicle.

Employees with a University vehicle are asked to continue to call Fleet Services for this service, during their normal business hours. They can be reached at 335-5102 or 335-5105. For after-hours motorist assistance, please use the motorist assistance card located in the glove box of the University vehicle.

Also, people should keep in mind that the UI Parking and Transportation staff will not provide any mechanical assistance or advice if the vehicle will not start. We can only help in jump starting the vehicle. If the problem is something more serious, we will advise people to seek assistance from a mechanic.   —Jim Sayre

Parking sets policy for van pool substitute riders

Van pooling has become a popular transportation option for many UI employees—so popular that a majority of the University’s eighty vans are full and have a waiting list to join. To help employees while they wait for a vacancy, a new policy was created to allow employees to periodically ride in the vans through the Substitute Van Pool Rider Program. To enroll in the program, University employees must fulfill several requirements, including

  • place their name on the waiting list/s for the van/s they want to join;
  • pay a nominal fee for the rides taken;
  • and join the van pool when a vacancy becomes available.
The van pool program allows vans the option of participating in the program on an annual basis. The list of vans taking substitute riders is posted on the web. The substitute rider policy also allows current van pool members to occasionally ride alternate vans if they need to alter their schedule for a particular day. This has helped members when they have had to work overtime, alter their regular work schedule, or for personal reasons. The new policy became effective last September. Additional information about the policy and requirements can be found at   —Michelle Ribble

Parking and Transportation offers new option for temporary parking in Hancher lot

The Parking and Transportation Department is experiencing a temporary under utilization of the Hancher Commuter parking lot. Therefore, we are extending a temporary offer to UI employees to purchase a parking permit for this location. This is not a permanent offer for the Hancher lot. Following are the conditions if you decide you would like to get a temporary parking permit:

  • The permit would be valid through June 1, 2010. At that time we will review the situation to decide if the temporary permits can be reissued.
  • The temporary permit must be prepaid either by check, cash, or credit card at one of our offices at the time it is picked up. The cost is $32 per month.
  • You must be on the Hancher Commuter Lot waiting list. You will remain on that waiting list regardless of whether you accept or decline the temporary offer and will be eligible to receive a permanent assignment as openings occur. If you receive a permanent offer and decline, you will be taken off the Hancher waiting list at that time. If you accept the permanent offer, we will refund the prorated amount of your temporary permit prepayment.
  • If you have an existing permanent parking assignment you may either keep it and continue to pay for it, or you may cancel it and discontinue payment. If you decide to keep the assignment and accept the temporary permit for the Hancher lot, you must turn in your current permit while you use the Hancher lot. If you decide to cancel your current parking assignment, you will have to go through the normal waiting list process to get back into that parking lot. We will not hold that space for you while you have your temporary assignment for the Hancher lot.
This temporary offer will expire when the Hancher lot has been filled. Please contact the Parking Services office at 335-1475 if you are interested in taking advantage of it.   —Jim Sayre

Get the word out with Cambus posters

Looking for a way to promote a special event your department is hosting? Need participation in a project or program? Have a new service to offer? Schedules or deadlines to post? Try Cambus. University affiliated groups, organizations, and departments whose services are intended to benefit UI students, faculty, or staff are eligible to display posters in the buses. Cambus provides as many as 25,000 rides per day, more than 4 million per year—and its riders are a captive audience for your message!

Posters must be 8.5x11 vertically or 11x17 horizontally, on card stock or laminated. The full policy and an application form are at Deadlines for submission are at

New shelters installed for Cambus riders

The first two of four new shelters for Cambus riders have been installed, one at the Main Library and the other at the VA loop. The location of the other shelters will be determined after they arrive.

Smooth moves during a slick season

At this time of the year, roads can be slick and you may need extra traction. One hint is to keep your gas tank full. Another is to avoid quick, jerky movements like sudden braking or quick turns. We do not recommend using sandbags in the back of your vehicle—they can fly forward and injure you or your passengers in an accident. Also, if you have a front-wheel drive car, sandbags are no help at all. If you are having problems with traction, please contact Fleet Services and we will give you more ideas.   —Mike Wilson

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Users added gradually to StoreFront database

Several departments now order business cards, postcards, brochures, housing letters, appointment reminders, announcement cards, and a newsletter through StoreFront, a new, self-service, print ordering option from Printing Services. Users are added gradually because, until it is fully integrated with the University’s Workflow and Hawk ID systems, customer data must be entered manually.

The StoreFront vendor is building a custom component that will enable StoreFront to integrate with the UI systems because the Business Services IT staff wanted to avoid introducing an entirely new system on campus. Workflow and Hawk ID already have ties to one another, and departments are accustomed to using them. The StoreFront software is also integrated with the variable data printing capability at Printing.

When finished, the new system will generate customer information and order approvals dynamically. Printing expects it will save the University money by eliminating duplication of tasks and automating others, such as keeping track of inventory.

Just doing our job.... Props to our Digital Imaging Group

Sent: Thursday, February 04, 2010 2:12 PM
To: Burda, Kim E

WOW! At this point, I just need to know two things — where in my office can I clear space to built a monument to the awesomeness of DIG, and to whom should I address the email I want to write about how valuable the service you provide is to our College?

I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!!! Thank you thank you thank you! Dropped off Monday, delivered Wednesday?!? I am naming my next child “DIG”.

Sean Kelley
Manager, Dental Educational Media Services

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Surplus plans move to Mossman Building

Surplus is on the move! Business Services is working with Planning, Design and Construction to relocate University of Iowa Surplus to from the Gilbert Street Building to the Mossman Business Services Building. Surplus now shares GSB with the University Book Store and Hawk Shop. Those operations will use the entire building after Surplus leaves.

The Book Store plans to open a retail space there, says manager Richard Shannon. “Customers will be able to purchase all items that are on our website at this location, as well as bargain Hawkeye clothing and gifts,” he says. “The building will also provide additional storage space, which we lack at our temporary location in Old Capital Mall.”

Watch the Surplus website ( for updates on the move. We hope to welcome Surplus to MBSB later this year.   —Gary Anderson

Get Hawkeye football gear in-store or on eBay!

Game-used Hawkeye football helmets ($225 each) and jerseys ($100 each) sell quickly at the Hawk Room, which is open on Surplus's public sale days (Thursdays). They are also sold on eBay.

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