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Spring 2010

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News briefs

OfficeMax continues as University’s office product supplier
Get business cards in five days


General news

Green business cards debut in July
Zumbach, Kula expand leadership roles
Improve your bottom line: keep staff current on print, postal updates
Envoy users: notify Mailing Services when sending address files
Fiscal-year-end deadlines approaching
UI WorkLife recognizes Battin, Anderson
Business Services welcomes new employees to Information Technology, Commuter Programs
Congratulations, best wishes to our graduating student employees!

General Stores

Gas Cylinder operation implements automated inventory tracking, billing

Laundry Service

Character Counts: Meet Michael Mortland

Mailing Services

On return-address format, mailing lists, and mailpiece design
New business reply mail barcode in use
Tab positioning for mailpieces illustrated
Thank you for your patience while Mailing Services is relocating
Note—whom to call if you move

Parking and Transportation

Buses to install real-time locator system in area-wide collaboration
Parking and Transportation launches new, automated management system

Printing Services

Regents policy requires departments to use UI Printing Services—increased enforcement coming
Online Printing ordering system nearly ready for campus-wide access
Printing now uses UV coating for all digital-print postcards
Questions? Answers. What is the best way to send a digital file to Printing Services?


Surplus closed until July 10, sale dates set for year

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The University of Iowa Nondiscrimination Statement


OfficeMax continues as University’s office product supplier

OfficeMax was awarded the new office supply contract for the University of Iowa. New prices took effect on April 1. Many of our most popular items have decreased in price. If you have any questions about product availability, pricing, or anything else regarding office products, contact our new OfficeMax on-site representative Aaron Proctor ( or 4-3908.

Get business cards in five days

Printing Services now offers a standard one-week turnaround time on business cards. The production process has changed in the last two years—orders are clustered in batches and printed weekly. So, depending on when you place your order, you will receive your business cards in five working days or less. If you need them sooner, let us know. We will make every effort to accommodate you.


from our typo treasure chest

sprint semester


Green business cards debut in July

Printing Services will begin using 100 percent postconsumer recycled card stock for business cards on July 1. The change came about after Liz Christiansen, UI director of sustainability, requested it when she ordered her cards.

“Chris [Kula] and his colleagues considered my request and then agreed to investigate it,” she says. “It’s a little more complicated that just changing the paper in the printer!” It was necessary to be sure that the paper would not damage the press and bindery equipment, and, because Christiansen had also asked that the recycle logo and statement be included, a change in design needed to be considered, reviewed and approved.

Christiansen; Kula, assistant director of Business Services; Gary Anderson, associate director of Business Services; Mary Jane Beach, director of Business Services; Printing staff; and University and UIHC external relations staff worked on the project.

“We’re helping to bolster the market for recycled-content paper, completing the recycling loop,” says Christiansen. “True recycling doesn’t take place unless we close the loop by purchasing recycled-content materials. The recycling business is also an important component of Iowa’s economy, providing green jobs.”

“Recycling saves natural resources, saves energy, and reduces the need for new landfill space. By using a higher recycled-content material, we’re improving our environmental efficiency.”

The statement and logo on the cards show the University is committed to being more sustainable, she says. “Hopefully, that encourages others to take up the challenge and make changes where they work, live and learn.”

“I am so appreciative of the work everyone did to make this happen and pleased that we were able to make the change,” says Christiansen.

Zumbach, Kula expand leadership roles

Director of Purchasing Debby Zumbach will take on leadership of General Stores, Laundry, Printing and Mailing, and Surplus, in addition to her existing responsibilities, effective July 1. She brings to this new role many assets, including strategic planning, organizational development, project management, and systems design.

Chris Kula, associate director of Business Services, will be responsible for Printing and Mailing, Central Receiving, Gas Cylinder, and Surplus operations.

The reorganization came about as a result of the early retirements of Gary Anderson, associate director of Business Services, and Dave Gray, manager of Laundry Services.

Improve your bottom line: keep staff current on print, postal updates

Looking for a way to improve your budget figures? Keep current with the rapidly shifting printing and mailing industry. Contact Kathy Battin to give a presentation on new trends and regulations at your next staff or departmental meeting. She will tailor it to your particular printing and mailing needs and will fit it into your meeting’s time frame—she can make it as short as ten minutes, as long as an hour (more, if you wish!). With extensive experience in both printing and mailing, she offers expertise to help you make your communication pieces the best they can be.

Envoy users: notify Mailing Services when sending address files

Customers who use File Envoy to send address lists need to notify Mailing Services when the files are sent. It’s easy enough—in the box labeled “Send to (email address)”, type in “”. If you don’t, the file sits in cyberspace and no one knows it is out there to retrieve. You may add your own email address if you wish to receive a copy of the form.

This notice is for the short term, however. Envoy and the other file submission pages for Printing and Mailing Services will soon be replaced by a new, improved website.

Fiscal-year-end deadlines approaching

It is time to plan and place orders to be billed to 2010 budgets. Please be aware of the following fiscal-year-end deadlines:

Copy Centers
Work performed as of 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, June 30, will be billed in fiscal year 2010. Work performed after that will be billed in fiscal year 2011.

General Stores
Special-order requests must be received by June 15 to be included in the current fiscal year. All other non-gas orders will be processed in accordance with Purchasing cutoffs for Preq catalog orders and Ebuy orders (

Parking & Transportation
Parking Services’ Departmental Business, Service Vehicle Zone, and Pentacrest placard renewal forms have been sent to all departments that currently have them. Faculty and staff permits will need to be renewed next year.

Printing Services
Printing work performed by 4 p.m. June 30 will be charged in fiscal year ’10. The balance of charges for jobs in progress will be made when they are completed and closed. Place FY ’10 orders soon to be sure they will meet the deadline. Special Printing Orders (SPOs) issued by 4 p.m. June 30 will be encumbered in FY ’10. The charges will be based on the estimated invoice from the vendor.

Mailing Services
Mail processed by 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 30, will be charged in fiscal year ’10. Please send your mailings to us as early in the day as possible.

UI WorkLife recognizes Battin, Anderson

Kathy Battin, along with the other members of the UI Libraries’ Access Services Delivery Advisory Panel, received an IOWA award this spring. The panel developed an online request and Campus Mail office delivery service to give faculty, students, and staff easier access to items in the Libraries’ collections. More than 1,000 items per month are being delivered and usage is growing.

Gary Anderson, associate director of Business Services, was honored for his participation in nominating several Improving Our Workplace Award (IOWA) teams over the past years. He was recognized at a May 11 reception along with Lee Carmen, Joan Dolezal, Cindy Geyer, Nancy Fick, Joelle Jensen, Lou Ann Montgomery, Cathy Solow, Terri Stoner, and Sue Zaleski. The IOWA program recognizes individuals and teams whose efforts demonstrate initiative, innovation, measurable results, or sustaining impact.

Business Services welcomes new employees to Information Technology, Commuter Programs

Jim Dasen, the newest member of the Business Services information technology group, provides desktop support for the various departments. He keeps busy updating and installing software, removing malware, and verifying that network connections work, among many other tasks. Jim comes to the University from ICE Technology in Pella. He has a degree in math from the University of Northern Iowa. His wife, Lisa, a respiratory therapist, works at UIHC; they live in Cedar Rapids with their two daughters.

Tammy Womochil joined the Parking and Transportation Department in April 2010 as the Commuter Programs coordinator. She is responsible for the daily operations of the Van Pool Program and is a liaison for the carpool program, bus passes, and bicycling on campus. Prior to coming to the University, Tammy was the AmeriCorps program coordinator for Community Corrections Improvement Association in Cedar Rapids, where she lives. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UNI.   —Michelle Ribble

Congratulations, best wishes to our graduating student employees!

Students play an important role in the day-to-day operations of Business Services departments. They produce course packs, meter mail, deliver supplies, manage the Cambus system, drive and maintain buses, collect parking fees, and provide customer service to Parking Office customers. We wish the following graduating students all the best:

Copy Centers: Phil Miles

Parking Services: Ashley DeCarlo, Sara Hershner

Field Services: Joe Ferguson, Lisa Huff, Nick Warneke, Andrew Wilson

Fleet Services: Jasmin McNear

Facilities Operations: Dan Munksgaard, Grant Kuhlmann, Whitney Carson, Jeff Shipley, Kaitlyn Dubishor, Andy Jorgensen, Bryan Murray, Tiffany Lustig, Lisa Truitt, Jessica Budzyn

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Gas Cylinder operation implements automated inventory tracking, billing

Wondering why your gas cylinder bill looks different? It’s because the Gas Cylinder operation has implemented a new, automated, inventory tracking and billing system, which went live May 1. The first end-of-month charges were recently posted.

The system keeps track of the gas cylinders in circulation: whether they are on hand, have been sold, have been returned to vendors, or have been delivered to customers. Eventually it will include online ordering. Gas cylinder customers include a variety of research and chemistry labs, VA and University hospitals, the College of Dentistry, and Facilities Management.

In doing away with hard-copy billing, changes between the old and new systems have occurred. For example, there is less detail posted to the general ledger. That data is available on the Gas Cylinders web portal.

The developers are seeking customer feedback: how much data is needed on the general ledger and how much can be put on the portal. Contact Valerij Petrulovich or Dagong Wang if you have suggestions.

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Character Counts: Meet Michael Mortland

Michael Mortland, known as ‘Mort’ here at Laundry Service, is well qualified for his position as supervisor, with a degree from Iowa State University in Industrial Administration and more than twenty-five years’ management experience in the laundry industry. He uses this industrial expertise daily as he supervises the massive flow of healthcare linens, uniforms, and dust-control items into and out of the washroom.

Mort says what he likes best about his job is the problem solving particular to the laundry industry. Many aspects influence his workday, and no two days are the same, he says. Customer service is his main focus, and he plans the work flow to provide the best service for all customers. When asked what is the worst part of his job, he smiles and says, “There is no worst part. Life is an attitude. Your attitude sets the tone for every day.”

Married for thirty-three years to his high-school sweetheart, Kristie, Mort, the proud father of twin girls, has one granddaughter and a grandson on the way. Music is one of his hobbies and it has captivated the entire family. Every summer you can find them at Jimmy Buffet’s annual concert in Alpine Valley, Wisconsin. Mort says just he and his wife used to go, and his girls would ask what was so special about this singer. One trip to Alpine Valley and they were hooked, too.

A track athlete at ISU, Mort is quiet about sports at his alma mater. But the blinding glare of red and gold as one enters his office is a big tipoff to his team loyalty. Every Friday during football season, his red-and-gold shirts are the source of much good-natured teasing.

Mort’s passion for football and tailgating feed into another of his hobbies. This man loves to cook. “I like to cook more than I like to eat,” he says. He and Kristie have taken Bistro Cooking, French Cooking, Bread Baking, and Italian Pastas from noted gourmet chef Liz Clark of Keokuk. At one time they belonged to a gourmet dinner club for which they researched and prepared dishes from other cultures. These days he hones his skill by entertaining family and friends and catering small events.

“Growing up in Cedar Rapids I was a huge Hawkeye fan,” Mort says. “However, since Iowa State offered me the chance to continue my track career at their expense, my athletic loyalties have changed. But, it is still great to be back here working for The University of Iowa.”   —Jo Anne Worley

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On return-address format, mailing lists, and mailpiece design

It may seem the Postal Service is becoming ever more particular about allowing postage discounts. The fact is, it began educating customers about automation changes, and gradually implementing them, more than fifteen years ago. The following are easy ways to make sure your mailing receives the maximum discount:

Use correct return address format on business cards, envelopes, mailers
The return address in the upper left corner of business cards and envelopes should use the format illustrated below. An improperly formatted address may not be read by automated equipment, delaying your mail or causing it to be returned to the sender. Moreover, the Postal Service will not accept bulk and discounted first-class mailings that display incomplete return addresses. Remember that, at the University of Iowa, there are three addresses for each campus location: one for U.S. Postal Service mail, one for Campus Mail, and one for deliveries. Use the USPS address as your return address.

Department or College
The University of Iowa
Room# BLDG
Iowa City IA 52242-____

Address cleansing required for postal discounts
The Postal Service requires all presorted or automated mailings to use address lists that are updated through an approved address cleansing method. It also requires mailers to show proof that their lists have been updated within ninety-five days before mailing.

If you prepare and submit a bulk mailing without first processing the list through an approved software, you will not be eligible for a presort or automated discount. The mailing charge will be the single-piece, first-class rate—44 cents or more, depending on the weight of the piece. To avoid this, you must have your address list cleansed by a USPS-approved process.

UI Mailing Services uses such a process. Address files are run through a program that cross references the addresses with a U.S. Postal Service database and updates them. Contact Kathy Battin for more information.

Leave space for USPS information on postcards
Leave a clear space in the address area for all the necessary postal information when you design postcards. The automated equipment must be able to read the recipient address from the bottom up: barcode; city, state, zip; institution or business; and so on. Mailings that are not machine readable are charged $20 per 1,000 mailpieces more than those that are readable.

The best way to know if you’ve allowed enough clear space on the mailpiece is to send a pdf of your layout to Kathy Battin. She will review it and let you know before you design and print it whether it will be eligible for a discount.

New business reply mail barcode in use

Mailing Services has received many questions from people asking why their mailpiece has a different barcode. Here’s the answer.

The U.S. Postal Service is phasing in a change in the barcode for business reply mail. Termed intelligent mail barcode, it holds more information, occupies less space, and provides improved speed and accuracy of delivery than older barcodes. It will be required for all business reply mail beginning May 2011. After that, any mail with an old bar code may not be delivered.

Mailing Services is replacing old bar codes with the new one on reorders and is using it on all new orders. Departments should use mailpieces that have the old barcode well before May 2011.

Tab positioning for mailpieces illustrated

The U.S. Postal Service requires booklets and self mailers to be sealed with three, 1½-inch, nonperforated tabs, (see illustration for positioning). Non-compliant mailpieces will be charged higher postage rates. For more information see the Fall 2009 issue of Into Print.

Thank you for your patience!

Mailing Services is relocating within the Mossman Building to make room for Surplus. Anyone remember the game known as Fruit Basket Upset, in which everyone gets all jumbled up? Some days are like that out here this summer, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Note—if you move!

If your department moves, contact Mail Services supervisor Joel Yedlik. If your building’s security locks are changed, contact Mike Ealy in Campus Mail. This will help us give you the best possible service!

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Buses to install real-time locator system in area-wide collaboration

Hey, where’s my bus?

All three local transit systems—Cambus, Coralville, and Iowa City Transit—are collaborating on a project that will soon provide this information on a moment’s notice. A real-time passenger information system should be in place by this fall.

The AVL/GPS/CAD* internet-accessed system, purchased from NextBus, will allow riders to use their computer, iPhone, or cell phone to see the location of buses and predictions of when the next bus(es) will arrive at their bus stop. Once on the bus, they can continue to use their devices as the buses will be Wi-Fi equipped. This type of information system has been implemented by transit systems around the country, but this will be the first such system employed in the state of Iowa. Not only will it provide very helpful, convenient, and safety-related information for transit users, it will also improve the ability of the transit systems to manage, evaluate, and improve their services.

Installation of the equipment should start in July, with about 80 buses to equip and a few hundred bus-stop signs to modify. It is anticipated that the bugs will be worked out and the system in full operation by the start of the fall semester.

The project has been spearheaded by a UI Information Technology Services unit which has contributed valuable expertise as well as to very favorable pricing from the vendor. University of Iowa students have been very anxious for this type of automation, and, with more than 6.5 million annual local transit rides, it is exciting that the University of Iowa, City of Coralville, and the City of Iowa City are able to collaborate and launch this mutual project.

Hey! There’s my bus.

*AVL/automated vehicle location; GPS/global positioning system; CAD/computer aided dispatching.
  —Brian McClatchey

Parking and Transportation launches new, automated management system

This spring, the Parking and Transportation Department (P&T) replaced its over 30-year-old mainframe-based parking management information system and retired several other related databases.

The new system, Automated Issuance Management System, combines the management of accounts, tickets, permits, payments, and reports into one management tool. Having all parking-related components in one system provides additional auditing control and helps increase the level of customer service. Because everything is contained in one system, the customer service representatives should be able to navigate through it to answer questions and handle transactions more efficiently.

AIMS also provides P&T the opportunity to increase the number of services it provides on line. Currently, students may purchase parking permits, bus passes, and bicycle registrations on line. Now, with AIMS on board, faculty, staff, departments, and the general public will gradually be able to do more business on line as more phases of the system are implemented. P&T also purchased computerized cash registers that print receipts for customers. Using printed receipts instead of a receipt book should increase accuracy as well as speed in handling transactions.

The AIMS implementation is going well, but we have found one drawback: it’s tough on Hawkeye fans to say AIMS and not think of Cyclones!   —Michelle Ribble

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Regents policy requires departments to use UI Printing Services—increased enforcement coming

The Iowa Board of Regents requires that all University of Iowa printing and copying go through UI Printing Services. This allows the University to obtain reasonable and cost-effective printing and copying by having knowledgeable individuals involved in the procurement process, and supports strong, viable internal services for the institution.

Printing staff guide customers through the process from start to finish, saving them time and money. Added value includes easy ordering, high-quality product, timely delivery, and attention to detail. Staff also help customers comply with rules and regulations concerning the use of recycled paper, copyrights, University of Iowa identity, U.S. Postal Service mailing requirements, and equal opportunity statements.

Beginning July 1, any printing or copying charges on procurement cards will result in an “Unallowable Expense” error letter being sent to the cardholder. A justification for not utilizing UI Printing must be provided and the purchase will be tracked by the Purchasing Department. Subsequent failure to contact UI Printing Services for printing or copying jobs may result in revocation of the procurement card. For more information contact Director of Purchasing Debby Zumbach, 335-3815,

UI Operations Manual, Board of Regents Policy Manual

Online Printing ordering system nearly ready for campus-wide access

StoreFront, Printing Services’ new online ordering system, will soon be ready for campus-wide use. A payment gateway system, designed by the Business Services IT group to accommodate the peculiarities of the University’s accounting system, is in the final stages of development.

“It’s a stand-alone application we created that other departments will be welcome to use,” says applications developer Valerij Petrulovich. The payment options with the system are Master File Key or Preqs. Those who use the MFK option may split charges proportionally between multiple MFK numbers, but must send the request through the University’s workflow approval process. Preqs are accepted if they are preapproved. The user uploads the Preq through the payment gateway, re-enters the information, and submits the order.

There are two stages for access to the system. The first is determining eligibility. Most UI faculty and staff could be considered eligible. At this stage the user sees the default catalog, which currently contains only business cards. The second stage is to customize a catalog for a particular department. For example, if your department prints items regularly—brochures or patient letters, for example—templates for those items will be developed and placed in your catalog.

“We are pushing this live step by step, making sure things work,” says systems administrator Terrell Hunter. “We are on the cusp of opening this up to the entire University—including faculty, staff, and students.”

Printing now uses UV coating for all digital-print postcards

Printing Services has begun to routinely apply UV coating to postcards printed on the digital press. The coating protects them from damage by mail-processing equipment and in handling (fingerprints and scuffing can be especially visible in areas of heavy ink coverage). The coating will also be used for sporting event tickets for the University and the University of Northern Iowa.

UV coating, available in a gloss or dull finish, is a clear liquid spread over a printed sheet of paper and then dried by exposure to ultraviolet light. It is often used for aesthetic purposes, to add depth and interest to a printed piece. Ask your customer service representative for more information if you’re interested in using it for a special project.

Questions? Answers.

Q: What is the best way to send a digital file to Printing Services?

A: Send it via the web, not e-mail.
Use our website to send files that are to be used for printing orders. Sending them to an individual’s email address allows only that person access to it. If he or she is busy or out of the office, your order could be delayed. Also, remember to select the name of your customer service representative when you send files—and always follow up with a requisition and mock-up in Campus Mail. Go to In the Print section, follow the Send files/Printing Services link.

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Surplus closed until July 10

June 3 was the last sale day for Surplus at its Gilbert Street location. It is closed for the move to the Mossman Building and will reopen Saturday, July 10. After that, it will be open to the public on the second and fourth Saturday of each month except on home football game days.

July 10 & 24
August 14 & 28
September 18
October 9 & 16*
November 6* & 13
December 4* & 18

January 8 & 22
February 12 & 26
March 12 & 26
April 9 & 23
May 14 & 21
June 11 & 25
*Regular date changed due to home football game.

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