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Procure to Pay for ICON

The departments of Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Travel and UI Learning and Development are pleased to announce the release of a new online training course “Procure to Pay Training”.  This ICON course was developed to provide easy, on-line training to educate anyone involved in procurement and payables processes at the University of Iowa.

This course provides guidance to the user on policies and procedures for Accounts Payable, Purchasing and Travel, as well as the order and payment processes.  Users will learn to complete on-line Purchase Requisitions (PReqs) to outside vendors, eBuy orders, catalog orders, eVouchers and the receiving of goods and services.  This training also provides an overview on how to obtain information from the Accounts Payable/Purchasing (APPO) web pages and ProTrav.           

Online training is now the preferred method for Procure to Pay training, as it is available 24/7, on your desk top and can be taken at your convenience.

To register for the online ICON course, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into My Training at
  2. Locate:  Procure to Pay Training course # W00209 (either by search or locate within list)
  3. Click View Course
  4. Click Enroll in this Course Session
  5. Click Content (in ICON course once displayed)

If you have questions regarding the Procure to Pay program or the course listed above, please contact

Receiving - New date field for receipt of goods or services

11/12/14-Receivers will now be required to enter the received date of when the goods/services were received. If the "Received Date" is the same as the "Date Entered" the receiver will receive a message asking "Are you sure these goods/services were received today? The receipt date should be the actual date the goods/services were received."

Yellow Business Book Fraud/Scam

A number of departments have reported receiving invoices for Yellow Business Book publications. This is a scam; do not pay. Sample invoice. Link to information from the Better Business Bureau -

Electronic Invoice display for Orders in eBuy

On May 19, 2014, the electronic data received and displayed in the AP/PO webpages for eBuy orders is inaccurate.  Some of the line information is displayed multiple times.  The amount that has posted to your funding MFK is accurate, however, when you look at the electronic invoice in the AP/PO webpages you will notice the item(s) that were ordered display more than once.

Insite Services-Potential Toner Scam

Departments have received phone calls from the vendor Insite Services offering toner products with high cost savings.  When the initial order is placed departments are then locked into a quantity ordering requirement with the vendor.  The vendor will continue to send invoices to the departments indicating that the minimum order quantity has not been met and if another order is not placed soon the price will increase.  The vendor continues these calls even when quantity requirements have been met and is uncooperative to release departments from these agreements.  Please be aware of these scams!

Announcing the New Delegation of Signature Authority eForm

The Delegation of Signature Authority form is now available as an online form which electronically routes for review and approval. This form should be initiated by the individual requesting signature authority. The training document is a helpful resource for this form.

Please contact Sherry Reynolds-Miller or if you have questions.

Secretary of State's Policy Regarding Fees

Effective March 1, 2013, the Secretary of State’s Office will no longer waive fees for the Notary Application fee for State Agencies.  The $30 fee is an allowable fee to pay from University accounts.

Toner Scam

A department has received a call from someone named Robert Adams, claiming to be from Allied Business or the like. They claimed there was an order and needed the model number. He said a "memo" had been sent and they would be by to drop off the order. The department uses Koch Brothers for toner, so they knew it was a scam. Please be aware of these scams!

The Purchasing Department has closed active blanket orders for copier maintenance and leases effective September 1, 2009

The University of Iowa Purchasing Department is requires departments to put low-dollar copier lease and maintenance payments on their departmental Procurement Card. This does not include equipment purchases. This procedure change is due to Internal Audit comments regarding appropriate blanket order usage.  Contracts will still need to be signed by the Director of Purchasing.

This will benefit departments by allowing you to:

  • control on a monthly basis what MFK is charged
  • reviewing charges as they come through
  • verifying the correct cost per copy rates as stated in the contract.

Copier vendors have been notified to send the appropriate invoices to each individual department. Payment may be called into the vendor or set up to be charged monthly. You may discuss this with your copier lease/maintenance vendor to find which option best suits your department’s needs.

Please contact Dani Weber at if you have questions or need additional information.

Hy-Vee Charge Cards

It has been brought to Purchasing and Accounts Payable’s attention that Hy-Vee has sent out letters informing you of a change in their direct bill program.  Hy-Vee offered a new charge card for departments to use for in-store purchases.

The University is not supportive of this program and has asked Hy-Vee to discontinue the issuance of these charge cards.  Instead, Hy-Vee will be accepting procurement cards as the preferred method of charging for food orders. 

If you have already been issued a Hy-Vee card, the account will be closed by Hy-Vee.  You should cut the card up and dispose of it properly.

If you have any questions concerning this process, please contact Debby Zumbach. ↑top

Office Supply Solicitations

From time to time various office supply vendors in our area attempt to market their products to campus end users by offering promotional discounts or other incentives that are in direct competition with the OfficeMax contract we currently have in place through General Stores. Office Depot has offered a discount card in the past and we have recently become aware of a possible email solicitation from Staples marketing a “Convenience Card” that can be used at their local store. If you receive this email please do not apply for this card. Firstly, the billing process they are proposing would have all cards on campus billed to one Corporate Account. Since the University has multiple sources of funding and multiple end users, this would not work for us. Secondly, we cannot support or promote a marketing effort that competes with our already established contract.

A recent incident occurred when Patterson Office Supplies located in Illinois solicited a $25 Mastercard as a promotion to ordering supplies.  Please be aware that accepting this is in violation with the Iowa Gift Law.  For more information see:   Gift Law

If you have questions regarding pricing for any office supply item, please contact the OffficeMax representative at General Stores @ 4-3908. Many items, even those not shown in the catalog, can be obtained through OfficeMax at considerable savings.

Material Transfer Agreements

All Material Transfer Agreements that involve purchases need to be routed to the Division of Sponsored Programs.  They must review them before they are sent to Purchasing for signature approval.  Please see their website for more info:  DSP