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When placing an order internationally, the purchase order needs to be sent to Transgroup Logistics at the time the order is placed, in which will be handled by Purchasing. If not being paid by purchase order, then the department is responsible for sending an email to the vendor.  If this process is not followed fines could be charged.

To insure the University of Iowa Purchasing rules, regulations and guidelines as well as United States Customs laws and regulations are followed when importing or exporting goods & services. This includes purchasing and transporting products or services in a foreign country for use in a foreign country, purchasing from a foreign country for shipment to the United States, or purchasing in the United States for use in a foreign country.

Consignee: The person to whom the shipment is being delivered
Consignor: The person who is sending the shipment
Transgroup Logistics is the bonded customs broker for University of Iowa.

New orders email:
Joey Acosta –  630-521-9801
Eugen Miu –  630-521-9801

Transgroup Logistics
1400 N. Mittel Blvd.
Wood Dale IL 60191
Tel: 630-521-9801
Fax: 630-521-9880

Reasons for Contacting Transgroup Logistics - The department receives notification of arrival of shipment and customs broker is not identified on paperwork, shipment needs special attention, shelf life of product is short, shipment under quarantine, special delivery requirements, or if new information is required (duty status, transportation, etc.).

A shipment needs special attention. Transgroup Logistics can expedite with advance notice from the University.

A shipment needs to be located. Transgroup Logistics will need the Master Airway Bill Number (MAWB) and House Air Bill Number (HAWB) for an air shipment. For an ocean shipment they will need the Master Ocean Bill Number (MOBL), the House Bill Number (HOBL), and the name of the Freight Forwarder (Customs Broker).

New information is received regarding the importability or duty status on commodities being imported.

SPECIAL CONDITIONS - The following documents or procedures must be used or followed when:

Federal funds are used: Transportation across the ocean must be via a United States Flag carrier.

Duty free status is requested: If a commodity or its equivalent is not manufactured in the United States, a duty-free status may be applied for from the United States Commerce Department provided by the vendor (See 4.2). The application form should be obtained prior to processing the order, if possible. Transgroup Logistics must be notified that a duty-free status application is in process; a copy of the front page and docket number will be required. The U.S. Commerce Department will assign a docket number that will hold the transaction open until a decision is reached on the application. This will not hold up delivery of the shipment but merely delays duty payment until the decision is reached.
If the department fails to notify Transgroup Logistics of its duty-free application, Transgroup Logistics will pay the duty fees automatically and close the transaction. This voids the application.

Port of entry - Chicago: Generally, shipments will clear customs in the ports routed to as defined on the Bill of Lading. If Transgroup Logistics determines that Milwaukee is preferred port of entry, they will notify Purchasing Services or the department. When UI pays the freight (FOB Shipping Point), it is best to compare costs and transit times before deciding how to route a shipment. Transgroup Logistics will assist in this area.

Items returned for repair: Transgroup Logistics must be contacted for assistance to avoid duty costs on equipment. A repair declaration will be required from the vendor.

Temporary Import Bond (TIB) is needed: A TIB is used for importing a commodity on a temporary/trial basis (e.g., software for review) and only when the customs fee exceeds $100. Notifying Transgroup Logistics immediately will guarantee customs fees are only paid once. TIBs are effective for up to one year, are good for one destination only, have a processing fee, and may be renewed for 3 years on a yearly basis. When the commodity is returned, Transgroup Logistics must be notified to avoid additional duty costs and to be provided with the Freight Forwarder (Custom Brokers) name so Transgroup Logistics can provide proof of delivery.  TIBs are not used on equipment used for production for a year and then shipped back.

Carnet is needed: Designed to simplify customs procedures for shipping exhibits, trade show items, etc. A carnet eliminates extensive customs procedures and long delays at customs. Goods covered under a carnet cannot be sold abroad but can be moved through customs without paying tariffs and excise taxes or purchasing a bond. (This is not a substitute for an export license.) Transgroup Logistics will facilitate the carnet application process.