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Freight Reports

You can run a detailed freight report that provides all shipments charged to your Pcard for the timeframe selected.

  1. Log into ProTrav and reference the left panel.  Under Reports, there is a link to Freight Report.
  1. You can then choose your billing cycle from the drop box and also which account to run the query on. Once those are selected, click on “Generate Report”. You may leave the report results to display on the browser or export to CSV or Excel.
    example 2

example 3

Trans Detail button:

While reconciling freight transactions, to view the shipments associated with the transaction, click on the Trans Detail button. This will open a new window to the freight report and show you the shipping information attached to that transaction. To look at the rest of the freight report, simply scroll up or down to get to the information you want to view. You may also export this report to CSV or Excel.

example 4

example 5

If you have any questions in regards to this report you may contact Sherry Reynolds-Miller or 335-0656