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What is eBuy?

eBuy is an easy-to-use central web-based shopping site.  eBuy is accessible to all UI employees for the procurement of goods from select contracted suppliers.  eBuy simultaneously streamlines the procurement process and promotes “best value” pricing.  The eBuy system has been successfully implemented at 7 of the Big 10 schools with proven cost savings.

Browser Recommendations

As of August 2013

Platform Browsers


  • Internet Explorer (IE) 8,9,10
  • Chrome-latest version, automatically updated by Google
  • Firefox - latest version, automatically updated by Mozilla
  • Opera 10 and higher


  • Safari 4.0 and higher
  • Firefox - latest version, automatically updated by Mozilla


  • Safari - embedded browser within the iPad


  • Email approvals are designed to work with embedded browsers for Android, Blackberry, and IPhone/IPad mobile devices. Readability of emails vary based on email client and formatting selected.
  • iPad is recommended by eBuy/SciQuest, however not all Supplier punch-out sites will support use of this device.
  • Although Safari is recommended by eBuy/SciQuest, not all Supplier punch-out sites support this browser.

eBuy Known Issues

Issue Recomendation
Pop up security message on IE8 Update settings on browser:
tools -> internet options -> security -> custom level -> Display mixed content to -Enable

Error reports when using Mac, Vista or IE8

Use Mozilla Firefox

Error reports when opening 2 eBuy sessions in separate browser windows

Not Recommended

Punchout site garbled

Enable cookies for the punchout site; add site to list of trusted sites

eBuy Roles

Here are some simple definitions for eBuy roles.  More detail is available in our training materials.  Please note, these roles are not mutually exclusive.

Shopper:  Typically the end-user of the item ordered.  This person fills a shopping cart with items and usually assigns the cart to their designated Requester for processing.

Requester:  This is the person designated by your department to process orders on your behalf.  They have an understanding of the appropriate use of the MFKs supporting your work. 


  • New! - Session expiration time clock
  • All Supplier Searches will now allow for a “contains” name search. For example, if a supplier search is performed on “Grainger,” “WW Grainger, Inc.” will be returned in the results. This is an improvement over the “starts with” search on the first word of the supplier name that was in place previously.
  • Users can search for Suppliers using the Supplier Name, Supplier defined Alias, Supplier Number, SciQuest ID, Third Party Reference Number, and the Commodity Code listed in the Supplier’s Profile. Supplier Name and Supplier defined Alias use the “contains” search functionality. Supplier Number, SciQuest ID, Third Party Reference Number, and the Commodity Code are all complete match searches.
  • Because the supplier search is more robust, the “Supplier Information” search field has been removed and this information can now be entered in the supplier search field.