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Procurement Card Program & ProTrav Changes

ProTrav Release Notes; August 2, 2012

Line Description

Line Description is required for all purchases on the procurement card. If a charge is travel related, once a trip is associated with the transaction, the description field will change to an optional field.

Required Reconciler Training

Reconciler Training:  Users, referred to as reconcilers, who currently create procurement card vouchers on behalf of cardholders will be required to take ICON online training at a minimum of every 3 years. If a user attempts to request access to a card voucher and they have not completed online training, the user will receive the instruction below. Once training is complete, the user may request access to reconcile card.

To maintain reconciliation access (every 3 years), the user will be notified by e-mail when it is time to take online training. Failure to complete training may result in revocation of access to the cards to be reconciled.

Car Rental

When claiming car rental as an out of pocket expense on the Travel Expense voucher or reconciling a procurement card charge on the Procurement Card Voucher, users will be required to select the car rental company from a drop down. If the rental company is not on the list, select ‘OTHER’ and enter the company name.


Merchant Review

Based upon type of merchant and goods or services provided, a visual icon has been added to identify card transactions that may require immediate or additional review.

Vouchers with these selected transactions will have an indicator next to the merchant name.
The voucher editor/summary screen will display the following text; “This voucher contains transactions requiring additional review by department approvers”.



Upper Level Transaction Review;
Those with the ProTrav upper level administrative review role will receive an automated e-mail identifying transactions in their area based upon merchant type and goods/services that may require immediate or additional review.  As this review should occur prior to the voucher being reconciled, it’s expected to be informal and primarily involve a basic questioning of purchases based upon the reviewers’ understanding of departmental needs.   The transaction review should include an evaluation of the vendor and transaction amount to aid in the early detection of fraud or misuse and provide beneficial departmental financial oversight.  To access this data directly an administrative transaction report is also available in ProTrav for download to Excel or CSV (comma separated format).  This report may be run by cardholder, “my cards” or at an organizational unit or department level. Once downloaded the data can be sorted and filtered to facilitate department review.


Please direct questions to Sherry Miller, 319.335.0656,