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Recent Enhancements made to ProTrav’s trip creation process.

Copy Trip

For ease of use and convenience the Copy Trip functionality has just been released to ProTrav.
Users now have the ability to copy an existing trip in ProTrav and simply change the traveler and/or trip dates to create a new trip. After the new trip has been created,  other demographics may be added or updated such as funding MFK, destination address, emergency contacts, etc. For additional information, click here.

Destination Address

If a traveler is going to one or more cities, and will be at numerous sites or hotels during a trip, multiple destination addresses can now be recorded in ProTrav. For additional information click here.

UI Employee Travel to Iowa City

UI employee’s with a travel trip destination to Iowa City will now be required to  provide additional information including trip originating city and  state.  A justification box will also display requiring additional business purpose.  For additional information, click here.

One Tool, One Location, One Source

The mission of ProTrav is to provide one web based tool to reconcile Procurement Card charges and to process all travel related forms, and to facilitate administrative review of those expenses. This "one tool solution" will allow travelers/expeditors to reconcile all travel related expenses in one place regardless of payment method. It will also provide one location for data collection, so that expenses may be reviewed individually or collectively by trip, individual, department, and/or university wide.

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