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University Preferred Travel Agencies

The University of Iowa currently has two preferred travel agencies to provide assistance in obtaining airline tickets, making hotel/motel reservations and securing car rentals.  They are Meacham Travel Service and Winebrenner Red Carpet Travel.  They issue electronic tickets (E-tickets) so that no ticket delivery is necessary.  The required documentation will be sent or e-mailed to you prior to departure.

To get the best price on airfare, it is important to book the flight in advance, usually 14 days in advance for domestic flights. Airfare usually drops considerably when the traveler stays at least one Saturday overnight at the destination. Payment usually has to be made within 24 hours of the reservation and is normally non-refundable. Fares are not guaranteed until tickets are issued.

No traveler is required to use these agencies for their travel plans.  However, we strongly encourage you to do so.  See Benefits of Using our Preferred Agencies

Tickets purchased at these agencies are subject to service fees to cover the cost of booking and professional services provided.  Roll over logo for fees.

Winebrenner Red Carpet Travel Fees

  • $24 - Domestic Air Tickets
  • $29 - International Air Tickets

Meacham Ticket Fees

  • $35 - Domestic Air Tickets
  • $50 - International Air Tickets